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Robin is bound at the wrists and ankles at the bottom of a sewer.  He heres someone coming down the ladder and thinks he might get some help, but it’s a couple of young hoodlums up to no good.

One of the hoodlums is clearly Nightwing, out of costume.  It is unclear if Robin can tell that Nightwing is just fucking with him…

“I told you he was really down here!” Brock Avery says to Jessie Colter.  Jessie didn’t believe it when Brock told him that the real Boy Wonder was bound up at the bottom of a sewer…  The quickly establish that they are not there to help him get free. 

The two hoodlums playfully fuck with Robin.  They tickle his feet, they rip his pantyhose.  They poke fun at his “relationship” with Batman, insinuating sexual things…

They make him lick and sniff their dirty feet while they laugh at him.  Brock rips open his tights to pull his cock out.  He brings Robin to the edge of cumming, and makes him beg for release.  At first Robin is just disgusted with Jessie’s feet, but then he gets horny from the hand job and starts begging.

Brock makes Robin blow a huge load all over his costume, then the two leave him there in the sewer

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