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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2008-03-15 |

Director Pietro's "Brazilian Sex House" has a barely-there plot that concentrates on the big Brazilian cocks, and it's all pretty entertaining. The men, in addition to being
uniformly well-endowed, boast a few muscled hotties: Douglas, Alexandre Senna and J�nior Carioca, who add a lot of spice to the proceedings, in addition to being prime eye candy.

Thanks to online hookups, guys meet the men of their wet dreams, with no strings attached! First, Matheus Axel looks for cock and clicks on a message from Douglas who's waiting for someone to meet him in an old house where guys are known to have anonymous sex.It's Mattheus' lucky day, because not only does Douglas dive right in and fuck him (after a brief cocksucking sequence, with Mattheus on his knees), Douglas also gives up his tight hole to Mattheus, in a surprise flip-flop fuck. Douglas' bulging pecs and pointed brown nipples heave as Mattheus aims his load at Douglas in the end.

Cutie-pie Felix Stuhlback strikes gold in an online hookup, too, scoring a tryst with
massively hung stud Hebert. Hebert's cock is so long that when he's fully erect it almost looks like it's being shot in 3-D. Felix proves to be a worthy bottom, matching Hebert at every turn, whether Hebert's big snake Hebert is shoved inside him from behind, underneath, or in the missionary position. Hebert is still inside him when Felix cums a gusher.

At the old house where all these hook-ups happen, there is a makeshift "glory hole,"
fashioned out of a big black tarpaulin hung in the middle of a room. It's kind of lame,
so it's a good thing that Ricky doesn't have to suck James Matarazo through it for very long before the whole idea is abandoned in favor of total body contact. Lanky James has hunky Ricky's ass at his disposal for most of the scene, fucking it a variety of ways, and near the end the camera grabs an angle of the two studs fucking missionary, from above James' head, which shows off Ricky's cum-shot nicely.

The three-way finale is the best, putting power bottom muscle boy Alexandre Senna in the very capable hands of two beefy, well-endowed black tops, Junior and Renzo. Junior and Renzo are already pumping up their hardons when Alexandre arrives. Alexandre goes down on each stud in turn, and then Junior buries his face in Alexandre's bubble-butt and licks it out until it's wet and shiny with his spit. Then Junior and Renzo take turns giving Alexandre the fucking of his life, and the scene reaches its boiling point when Alexandre gets double-penetrated by the two tops. Alexandre gets creamed by Renzo and Junior almost simultaneously. In the end, Junior's jism runs in a stream between Alexandre's pecs as he loses it, making it a trio of big wet loads before the final fade. Just another day of guys looking for anonymous sex now, and finding it at the BRAZILIAN SEX HOUSE!

Brazilian Sex House
Cast: F�lix Stuhlback, Alexandre Senna, Douglas, Hebert, James Matarazo,  J�nior Carioca, Matheus Axel, Renzo, Ricky. Studio:Pau Brasil

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