Carnal Choices - Studio 2000

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DescriptionCast:  Jason Harley, Jake Havoc, Rod Daily, Antonio Madiera, Patric Ross, Dallas Adams, Enrique Velazco

Carnal Choices is a romantic roundelay about Dallas Adams’ search for the perfect lover. He lives in a big house with roommates Jake Havoc and Antonio Madiera, who offer unwanted advice on his love life. Havoc is especially funny as the dude who always has something bitchy to say. Adams arrives back home to tell his roomies about the new guy he has met. They listen, and then Madiera leaves to wake up the trick he picked up the night before. The tasty trick turns out to be Rod Daily who is already very much up. Madiera wastes no time sucking his trimmed tool and chewing his balls. The shots of this super-slurply suck photographed through Madiera’s legs allows us a tempting view of his low-hangers swaying in the breeze as he deep-throats Daily’s dandy dong. Daily blows Madiera’s major meat and fingers his ass. Madiera laps at Daily’s smooth-shaved chute like a hungry dog and then screws him mightily in the missionary position.

Especially naughty and nice is Madiera sucking on Daily’s toes as he holds his legs up and pounds away. Later, Madiera mounts Daily’s dick and rides like a fucking bronco, his rockhard rod bouncing against his own belly all the while. The kick-ass copulating leads to both dudes gushing gobs of geyser-like guy gravy.

Jake Havoc is wandering through the woods and stumbles upon Jason Harley and Enrique Velazco playing show and tell. He invites them back to the house and so begins a terrific threeway on and around a huge tub in a mirrored bathroom. Velazco goes down first on Harley’s hammer then Havoc’s hose. For a large part of this scene, Havoc’s humongous horsecock is jammed in Velazco’s mouth. To call this a tight fit is an understatement. Havoc gives Harley a blowjob, nibbles his nuts, and rims his rump as, you guessed it, Velazco continues to hoover Havoc’s hog. Harley hurls his handy hard-on into Velazco’s dark ditch in the doggie position as Velazco continues the enviable task of humming on Havoc’s donkey dick.

At last, Havoc pulls his knob free of Velazco’s mouth and slams it into his asshole missionary, all the while blowing Harley. This pulsating penetration is one for the books as one is left with the feeling that Velazco is about to be split in half. All three cream copiously, but the load of cum Havoc fires off is a real heavy-duty release.

Dallas Adams picks up his new steam Patrick Ross at the airport and they drive around before heading home. They kick back, cuddle, get naked, and fall asleep. The next morning they head out to the beach and it becomes clear that these two are falling in love. Ross has a confession to make about his ex-lover who turns out to be Jason Harley. Later that evening, Ross recounts, in flashback, an episode between he and Harley. It seems that Harley is a promiscuous sex-pig. Hello!! He is also a champion cocksucker and, in this segment, takes all of Ross’ randy rod down his throat. Ross, no slouch in the dick-diving department, returns the favor swinging on Harley’s hose. The sixty-nine they share stretched across the couch is sensational. Harley sits down on Ross’ rammer and rambunctiously rides as Ross’ balls bang against Harley’s ass-cheeks. This high-voltage ass-invasion continues in the missionary position resulting in both blasting buckets of boy-batter.

Back in the present, Ross says it is over with Harley and that he wants to be with Adams. We love an erotic happy ending, especially when the end involved belongs to the adorable Adams. They passionately kiss and melt into each other’s arms. Adams gives Ross a blowjob he will not soon forget. He sucks, he nibbles, and he licks, giving careful attention to the long, sleek cock and the heavy ball-bag. Ross cannot help but be swept away by the oral attention and he is only to willing to return the favor. He takes Adams’ ample endowment in his mouth and gives him heroic head. It is clear that Adams wants his ass filled and Ross is only to willing to oblige.

He plows Adams doggie and then missionary style across the sofa, employing strong strokes that drive Adams to levels of arousal he has never experienced. After a dreamy and deep drilling, they both sit side by side and jerk their juice, creating a phallic frenzy. Two sticky loads sprayed over their bellies spell the end to this wonderful show and the beginning of a love affair between Ross and Adams.

Carnal Choices is a white-hot romance filled to the brim with gorgeous guys and sizzling, salacious sex. Its strength lies in the top-notch videography that puts you in a front row seat to view these world-class couplings. It's awesomely arousing eye-candy for the ages designed to get you up and off over and over again. Your clear cut choice for carnivorous, cum-bustible carnality is Carnal Choices.
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