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TITAN MEN - Titanmen com - Joe Gage Sex Files 04 - Blue Collar Beer Blast

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Description¬ďJoe Gage Sex Files: Vol. #4:

Blue Collar Beer Bust¬Ē (2004)


(TITAN Media)

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Director: Joe Gage a.k.a. Mac Larson ( http://JoeGage.com )


Billy Wild
Adam Gabriel
Cedric York
Dylan West
Seth Cullen
John Dante
Tommy Deluca
Logan West
Nick Capra
John Kfir
Sebastian Jaymz

We are told that ¬ďCole¬ís the kind of guy who just can¬ít seem to keep out of trouble.¬Ē Billy Wild is he¬ís playing solitaire. Ah, but the narration tells us that he¬ís under home arrest.

He’s not lacking for companionship as Cedric York and Adam Gabriel show up with hitchhiker Dylan West. Cedric is classically good looking. Adam is tall and handsome and Dylan more compact with a devastating smile. They drink and soon start to talk about dick sizes, mandating that they pull them all out to compare. Dylan whips out an uncut stunner. Adam and Cedric follow and soon the three are looking mighty delicious, hard enough to get Billy out of his chair and beating off as well, letting the house arrest and jail puns fly. Frankly, there is way too much chitchat while all they do is lightly touch each other, but soon Billy is on his knees and whipping around the other three with an unstoppable mouth. He deep-throats with abandon as the three guys fight for space in his mouth. He stops only to answer the door when elegant Seth Cullen arrives. He’s wary, so he watches as Billy continues his oral assault on the three guys who have so been enjoying his mouth.

Dylan is turned around so Billy can eat his ass, which he does with the same kind of hunger. It helps that Dylan has a gorgeous ass. Billy rims Adam as Cedric does Dylan, the two getting their asses eaten staring at Seth as if to telepathically invite him to join the pleasurefest. Finally, brazen Dylan just walks over to him and wags his cock at Sean, who can no longer deny the boner in his pants. How can he not be hard watching Billy squat over Cedric’s face to get his own hole chewed? Cedric cums just doing it, but he’s soon back in action when Adam blows him while Billy spits and rims Adam. Sean is at least touching Dylan at this point. But, Dylan wants more, so he puts on a condom and sinks his dick into Adam. Dylan gives him a smashing fuck, full of gusto as his balls slap hard against Adam’s ass. Adam cums with Dylan still in him. Dylan still wants Sean involved, so he ambles back over to him and this time Sean takes the bait, deep-throating Dylan with the talent we knew he possessed from the minute he walked in. The camera pretty much stays tucked in close to Sean’s mouth, letting the blowjob unravel nicely. Soon, Sean is jacking Dylan off to an impressive shot.

Now that Sean is fully involved, he’s happy to have Billy blow him. Billy gives him a delicious wet sucking and is joined by Adam to make it even more exciting. Sean face-fucks Billy ardently because he knows Billy can handle it. Adam does good work too and it brings Cedric over to that part of the room, the three managing to all get their mouths on Sean’s cock and balls at once before they return to fighting for it. Sean is one lucky man! Billy cums and then the three eagerly watch while Sean pops off.

Also in the house is John Dante, sporting a goatee and playing with himself as he watches porn. He soon has his legs in the air so he can show off his ass, but only temporarily because he enjoys tugging at his dick way too much. High on the taste of his own precum, he’s ready to pop when tall twink Tommy Deluca arrives. Tommy is entranced by the porn too and pulls out his own gigantic pecker. The guys sit on the bed together and tug at each other until Tommy decides he can handle sucking John. It’s not a particularly engaging blowjob, so they cut it short and cum.

Billy is back playing cards when Logan West, young and full of sass, shows up asking for a place to crash, but Billy isn¬ít happy about it ¬ó until his friend Nick Capra walks in holding onto Sebastian Jaymz and John Kfir, whom Nick caught hiding in the bushes. ¬ďLooks like we got the makings of a party here,¬Ē Nick says while smiling devilishly. Nick wants some satisfaction and pulls out his dick, teasing the others with it before grabbing petit John¬ís hand and putting it on his cock. Logan is braver as he touches it without having to be forced. Nick thanks him by pulling out Logan¬ís cock and the two of them pull at each other until Logan hits the floor and sucks Nick¬ís bigness. Beefy sexy Sebastian soon joins him and once Billy finds his way over, it becomes an ever-changing group suck-a-thon. Even Nick, never a very good blower, takes some time to gobble cock. Quiet John does some mighty fine work and Sebastian is excellent as always. John, sporting a dick unbelievably big for his tiny body, is the first to shoot, squeezing every last drop out from his uncut dick.

The hottest ass in the room is Sebastian’s, no question about it. Proof of that comes when Nick stuffs his face into the bulbous cheeks and gives Sebastian a hearty rimming. That gives him the right to fuck Sebastian, which he does eagerly. Logan then pushes Billy over the table and does the same to him before the tops switch bottoms. This is fun anal time and everyone cums on Nick.

DVD features: Fullscreen; and no regional coding (playable worldwide).
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