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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-02-04 |
Cast: Jake Garcia, Michael Kipnis, Tony Knight, Danny McCoy, Chad Patrick, Evan Stevens

Released: Jan 2012

Duration: 101 minutes

Director: Viper

Description: “Breed Me, Seed Me” brings you loads of hot horny guys ready to be bred!

Factory Video Productions are back to give us a creamy new title, jam-packed with raw cock in this four-scene, one-on-one bareback extravaganza.

What separates Breed Me, Seed Me from the pack of condomless releases of late is the relatively young age of the ensemble of breeders. They’re also fresh in their exposure to the scene, with many unknowns vying for the position to be your new bareback favorite.

Our introductory offering features two lads together in bed, lip-smacking sensationally. They take turns blowing each other’s young, delicate cocks, making sure they’re nice and wet for the onslaught of raw sex to come. Then it’s straight on to some dirty ass fucking with the beautiful blond twink on the receiving end of some serious pounding. By the end he’s left cum-drenched on the bed.

Fans of this younger style of casting will really enjoy scene three, which is set in a porn set staple: the locker room. The duo make out while rubbing each other’s dicks and it’s the dirty blond that finds himself down on his knees servicing a nice, smooth, brown rod before it’s slid into his tight asshole. It slams into him, working up a massive load of jizz, and he’s rewarded for his dutiful service with a delicious looking cream pie.

Hot ‘n horny guys ready to be bred! Director Viper presents eight guys who love nothing better than a cum-loaded dick jammed balls-deep up their ass…thrusting in and out…then feeling the sudden swelling, indicating the eminent explosion of man juice…followed by their bowels being flooded with seed! That warm load being drilled ‘n filled with continuing thrusts until eventually it oozes out their freshly fucked ass.

Scene 1:  Danny McCoy and Jake Garcia

Jake thanks Danny for a place to crash as they lay in bed, naked. Blond Danny suggests that they have some fun, and of course Jake agrees. First they suck each others’ cocks hard, Jake fingers Danny’s hole and then Danny lays back and Jake stuffs his cock in Danny’s ass. Danny says “Come on… fuck me” as Jake gets going, tugging on his cock and balls. They switch it up to reverse-cowgirl as Danny bounces on Jake’s stiff wood, jacking his cock as he gyrates. They roll over and fuck side-by-side, Danny stroking his cock and using spit to lube himself up as Jake pommels his ass, pushing Danny towards a gushing climax that lands spunk all over his chest and belly. Danny fingers his hole as Jake jerks off, spewing his load all over Danny’s ass, which he then pushes in with his fingers as Danny heaves a deep breath.

Scene 2:  Michael Kipnis and Tony Knight

Michael and Tony seem to be looking to put idle time to good use. They find a storage room where it only takes seconds to start making out and feeling each other up. Tony peels off Michael’s shirt and reveals his hairy chest, which turns him on even more as he has to get on his knees, yanks Michael’s PA’d cock, and sucks it down and bites on his “jewelry.” Michael’s cock is big and stiff, covering Tony’s face as he licks down his shaft towards Michael’s balls. Tony says the obvious: “that cock is gonna feel so good in my ass” so Michael spins him around, rims his hole nice & wet, and spins him again to suck his cock. When Tony finally stands to penetrate Michael, they barebly get going when Michael says to him “You call that fucking?” so Tony pounds in hard, grabs Michael’s hair and pulls his head back, and pounds away. They flip, and we finally get to see Michael use that fat cock as he impales Tony and makes him gasp and scream out in pleasure as Michael fucks away. Michael certainly gives as good as he gets, making Tony’s cock swing around as he plunges in and out.

They move over to a table and Tony sits on Michael’s cock, bouncing up and down as Tony says “breed my hole, fuckin’ breed me!” Michael blows a big load and Tony reaches around and stuffs his pulsing cock back up his ass, taking the last few drops. They then get a little piggy, as Michael rolls his legs over his head and Tony stands and jerks his load into Michael’s upturned ass, filling the well of his hole and pushing some in with his fingers and dipping his tongue into the puddle of spooge and licking Michael’s ass.

Scene 3:  Jacob Daily and Cort Marshall

Jacob is putting some stuff in his locker when Cort comes up from behind and makes his move. Jacob is on his knees in a flash as Cort’s fat cock pokes upward, sucking him all the way to the pubes. Cort slaps his cock on Jacob’s tongue, and when Jacob finally stands up and turns around, Cort’s cock slides into his ass like a hot knife through butter. Cort slams into Jacob’s ass as he says, “You like that?” to which Jacob can only gasp “Fuck, yeah!”

They end up on the floor of the make-shift lockerroom, fucking on their knees and then Cort rolls Jacob over on his back and plows in. Despite all the “your hole is so tight” remarks, Jacob manages to hold his legs up and his hole open wide as Cort blows his load, and in true piggy-bottom fashion, sucks all the cum up his hole like a vacuum cleaner. Cort helps, scooping up the spoog with his fingers and shoving it up Jacob’s ass, saying “Oh, that was so good” under his breath.

Scene 4:  Chad Patrick and Evan Stevens

Chad and Evan start things off sucking cock and licking ballsac, both hard as rocks. They trade blowjobs, both equal in the oral department. But it doesn’t take long for Chad to stand and position Evan to take his cock, and it’s so big you have to wonder where skinny Evan puts it when Chad’s balls-deep. They find a room with a sling and make good use of it, Evan laying back and Chad pommeling his ass as he jerks out a load. Chad keeps fucking and bends over to lick up Evan’s spooge as it gushes out of his cock, ending up with cum all over his face and stuck to his scruffy beard. He snowballs what he’s got in his mouth, stand up and jerks his load on Evan’s hole, squirting all over his ass and overshooting some as the cum flies out with force. But he keeps coming, and stuffs his throbbing cock up Evan’s hole, who is still stroking his hard cock. It’s quite the scene as Chad says to him “You fuckin’ like that?” with Evan’s cum still stuck to his chin.

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