Heartbreakr - Billy Warren & Caleb Troy

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Billy has just finished up at the gym and is dressing down into some cleaner clothes when Caleb walks in and begins to check him out. Caleb is used to getting whatever he wants so when he goes after another man for sex heÂ’ll get it for sure and this case is no different. Caleb doesnÂ’t want a BF ,he doesnÂ’t want a FWB, he only wants to fuck you once and move on no numbers exchanged or anything and donÂ’t count on getting his number unless he really wants that ass around more often. All it took was for Caleb to eye Billy and he was on his knees sucking away at that big juicy dick. Billy is in heaven with that cock deep in his ass and those soft balls slapping against him. His moans and groans can be heard throughout the locker room. Caleb just wants to hit it and quit it and once these two men were done fucking Billy wanted some digits for another encounter but Caleb quicker turns him down and walks right out of the locker room.


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