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GayHoopla - Zane Penn & Sebastian Hook Collection

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UPDATE: 2015-06-08 SebastianHook - Flip Flops with Horny JakeDavis.mp4
Jake Davis and Sebastian Hook were making out on the couch, getting each other's engines started up. Jake Davis was sweetly kissing Sebastian when his cock got hard rubbing against Sebastian's hand. Jake Davis pushed Sebastian's head down and signaled for a blowjob. Jake Davis cock grew quickly in Sebastian's mouth as he wet that rod all up. Jake Davis wanted to fuck Sebastian's tight little ass and had him in all different positions. Jake Davis was planning on getting fucked too when he saw Sebastian's cock start to grow. Jake Davis opened his loose little butt hole, and let Sebastian just whale on him. Sebastian beat that man pussy up throwing Jake Davis's head straight into the shaggy rug. Jake Davis was definitely satisfied with the cock rush Sebastian gave him, and will be back for much more here at GayHoopla.

2014-01-30 ZanePenn - [FratmenTV] Solo Interview as Dolph.mp4    730.28 MB
2014-03-11 ZanePenn - [CorbinFisher] Solo Interview as Liam.mp4    456.68 MB
2014-06-05 ZanePenn - [CorbinFisher] Liam's First Time with Kenny.mp4    706.42 MB
2014-06-26 ZanePenn - [CorbinFisher] Liam Bottoms Up for Marc.mp4    638.28 MB
2014-11-10 ZanePenn - GH Scene Debut - Flip-Flop Roadtrip with JasonKeys.mp4    554.80 MB
2014-11-16 ZanePenn - LIVE Cam Solo.mp4    244.33 MB
2014-11-20 ZanePenn - LIVE Cam Solo.mp4    243.29 MB
2014-12-01 SebastianHook - Feature Debut - The Boy Next Door Solo.mp4    331.57 MB
2014-12-01 ZanePenn - LIVE Cam Solo.mp4    246.36 MB
2014-12-05 ZanePenn - Breaks In New Guy SebastianHook.mp4    446.43 MB
2014-12-15 SebastianHook - Tops TylerHanson.mp4    293.45 MB
2015-01-03 ZanePenn - LIVE Cam Solo.mp4 246.89 MB
2015-01-05 ZanePenn - Flip-Fucks TylerHanson After Baseball Practice.mp4    445.08 MB
2015-01-09 SebastianHook - LIVE Cam Solo.mp4    253.96 MB
2015-01-19 ZanePenn - Pool Table Flip-Fuck with PhillipAnadarko.mp4    323.63 MB
2015-02-02 SebastianHook - Bottoms for DmitryDickov.mp4    450.50 MB
2015-02-16 SebastianHook - Fucked by JarodSpear.mp4    374.24 MB
2015-03-02 ZanePenn - LIVE Cam Solo.mp4    180.05 MB
2015-03-09 ZanePenn - LIVE Cam Solo.mp4    243.50 MB
2015-03-15 SebastianHook - Flip-Fucks JasonKeys.mp4    325.14 MB
2015-03-25 SebastianHook - LIVE Cam Solo.mp4    341.22 MB
2015-04-14 ZanePenn - Let's Get In-Zane.mp4    599.70 MB
2015-05-11 ZanePenn - Breaks In ClayAnker.mp4    549.15 MB
2015-05-25 SebastianHook - Topped by the Hairy ColeMoney.mp4    460.01 MB
2015-06-08 SebastianHook - Flip Flops with Horny JakeDavis.mp4    412.53 MB
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A Few Scene Descriptions:

=======ZANE PENN========
Crazy adventurous guy with a killer muscular body.
Zane hits the gym hard, and loves to play with his thick, uncut cock.
He's no stranger to guy-on-guy action, so we hope to see a lot from him.
Height = 6'3"  1.91m
Weight = 215 lbs  97.5kg
Cock = 7.5"  19.1cm  UNCUT

1) 2014-03-11 ZanePenn - [CorbinFisher] Solo Interview as Liam.mp4
Liam's a tall, buff, studly college guy that's friendly, eager to smile and laugh, and was admittedly a bit nervous stripping down and stroking off for us. "Hopefully it'll go well!", he laughs. Once you see this handsome guy's body I think you'll agree it went quite well. In what I've noticed is a bit of a recurring theme, Liam's first time came about after his girlfriend took the lead and dragged him upstairs for some action at a party. The stereotype is it's always the guys taking the lead but it's fairly fascinating to think so many of these hot, young, hot-bodied guys didn't lose their virginity until a girl took charge and initiated everything. While Liam has a very youthful face, his body is all man! He works out a lot, though only started doing so when he was 17. He's made the most of his couple of years in the gym, though - that body is amazing!

2) 2014-06-05 ZanePenn - [CorbinFisher] Liam's First Time with Kenny.mp4
Liam is one I wasn't entirely confident we'd see in action with a guy. He didn't seem particularly interested in the idea when he first arrived at CF, and a couple conversations about the possibility of making it happen just didn't lead anywhere at all. I assumed his solo and guy/girl video would be the end of it, and that was that. It would have been a shame had that been the case, though, as Liam's quite the stud! Thankfully, some time after Liam returned home from his first time out here, he hit us up out of the blue asking about guy/guy action - he was curious what it might involve, what he'd be expected to do, and wanted to confirm it paid well. I guess all of the answers he got in return were to his liking, because here he is! Liam's going from seeming uninterested to the first few minutes of this episode was quite the change - he has this smirk on his face that he just couldn't hide and he was more at ease than we - or Liam himself, for that matter - expected him to be. Granted, I think that sly smile at the outset was his way of concealing his nerves a bit. Regardless of all that, though, his hard cock leaves no doubt Kenny was making him feel good! He's already hard before his boxer briefs even slid off, and every thing that happens to his cock from that point on just turns him on even more. Liam uses that tall, muscular frame to fuck a guy for the first time long and deep - those deep strokes eventually fucks a load right out of Kenny. Liam goes back to fucking Kenny some more, and what happened next was quite the treat. You can see Liam slow down, trying to hold off from blowing the load he likely couldn't believe was building up in him so quickly. He just couldn't hold back, though, and got caught off guard by his own orgasm as he paints Kenny's hole with cum. Though he didn't ask how fucking a guy might feel before deciding to give it a shot, he got an answer to that question nonetheless!

3) 2014-06-26 ZanePenn - [CorbinFisher] Liam Bottoms Up for Marc.mp4
I'd mentioned before we weren't entirely certain we'd get to see Liam in some action with a guy after he filmed his initial solo. As we've all seen, though, he did agree to come back to CF and try things out and had himself a hot time fucking Kenny. Once Liam had gotten over that hump, tried out some action with a guy, and discovered it all felt so good, it was only a matter of time before we'd be seeing what we're seeing here - Liam taking a big, hard dick up his ass! We're treated to the sight of Liam down on his knees, working over Marc's cock with his mouth. We get to see Liam slowly lowering himself down on Marc's cock, and the look on his face as he's totally overwhelmed by how that feels. You also can't miss what happens with Liam's cock the longer Marc fucks him - it gets progressively harder, and while there's no doubt he has a bit of a pained expression on his face at first it doesn't take long for that to change and the load he shoots - with Marc's dick drilling his ass - is monumental. What you see here is a guy who wasn't entirely sure what to make of things at the start becoming one so caught up in how amazing things felt that they were not only loudly moaning about their own impending orgasm but also eager to see the guy who'd just fucked him also blow a load; you see that awkward expression on his face at the outset changed in to a blissful, smiling one as he's covered in cum by the end of the action!

4) 2014-11-10 ZanePenn - GH Scene Debut - Flip-Flop Roadtrip with JasonKeys.mp4
The weather has been really beautiful up north and we wanted to take new model Zane Penn & Jason Keys for a mini vacation. These guys are full of great energy, always smiling and giggling. We had a long drive ahead of us and after a little dancing and singing into fake microphones, Zane wanted to further pass the time. Jason brought up the fact he'd never had road head and convinced Zane it would pass time efficiently. Zane obliged and slurped up that cock. We literally went through a few songs before Jason discharges all over himself. We definitely passed time and now found ourselves at the amazing hike. The guys had time to wander around and we caught them sharing a few very unexpected, iconic type kisses. The sun was going down and we wanted to get back to the cabin before dark. It was starting to get pretty chilly outside so Jason started to fix together a fire. Zane came running downstairs to offer his hand. Of course, as soon as wood was grabbed, it was game time. Jason engulfed Zane's cock like a man coming home from a long days work, starving for dinner. He worked Zane up so much that he just needed to fuck Jason. You got to see the rest, I don't think I've heard or seen Jason get fucked that hard. Zane played a loving power top, but he wasn't going to cum until he had a dick in his ass. Jason got to fuck Zane's beautiful ass until they both exploded.

======ZANE PENN <<Meets>> SEBASTIAN HOOK=======
5) 2014-12-05 ZanePenn - Breaks In New Guy SebastianHook.mp4
It's finally come. Sebastian Hook gets that beautifully, perfect, shaped ass drilled for the first time by Zane Penn. After stressed out from not being able to sleep and studying, Zane suggests massage to put Sebastian at ease. Zane noticeably gets hard after being turned on the moment he touched Sebastian. They Kiss. Zane wanted a taste of that thick cock and dived right into it. Slurping away you could see Sebastian's eyes roll back in pleasure. After returning the favor he asked if Zane could "give it to him". This would be the part Sebastian loses his virginity. Zane asked if he was sure, and Sebastian said he couldn't be more. Zane began to run-through him bending that ass over doggy style. He began to pump Sebastian like it was a competition. It wasn't until Sebastian got on top that this scene will blow you away. Sebastian riding a cock is a sign of the small things in life, you must take a minute to thoroughly enjoy. He strokes his cock while his eyes roll back, gripping Zane's balls and riding that bull like it was a local country bar. Both of these guys have amazing explosions. Sebastian's happen to be with Zane's uncut cock right inside him.

6) 2015-05-11 ZanePenn - Breaks In ClayAnker.mp4
Dmitry Dickov is upset over Clay Anker missing his flight for a shooting weekend. He brought Zane Penn in for a meeting to explain the situation. Fast forward 2 weeks, Zane finally was scheduled to meet Clay for a scene. Zane definitely played hardball with Clay grilling him on being careless. Zane caught Clay eye-balling his cock so he pulled it out for Clay to viciously suck. He wanted to taste Clay himself before having him bend over to check out his tight virgin ass.

Height = 5'9"  1.75m
Weight = 165 lbs  74.8kg
Cock = 7.5"  19.1cm  CUT

1) 2014-12-01 SebastianHook - Feature Debut - The Boy Next Door Solo.mp4
Sebastian Hook has joined our small army of fucking studs. What I love most about this guy is he's a people pleaser. He wants to be liked, he wants to impress, and most of all, he wants as many scenes as we can give him. He’s muscle jock meets teen wolf. I'm calling it now, Sebastian Hook is going to have a breakout year. In our very next update, he dives right in and loses his anal virginity to Zane Penn.

2) 2015-02-02 SebastianHook - Bottoms for DmitryDickov.mp4
Dmitry Dickov feasted on Sebastian Hooks asshole. He treated that perfectly sculpted ass like a Vegas all you can eat buffet, but he left the real dessert for last. The titanic was headed towards the bridge, but there was no one there to lift the median. It crashed into Sebastian's tight manhole and ohhhh he felt the pleasure. Dmitry took full advantage of this opportunity and annihilated that ass the way everyone's been asking for. The best part of the entire video is the twinkle in Dmitry's eyes. He had such a boy crush on Sebastian since the first day he'd laid eyes on him. I think Dmitry Dickov found his Valentine in Sebastian Hook this February 2015. What do you think?

3) 2015-03-15 SebastianHook - Flip-Fucks JasonKeys.mp4
Jason Keys and Sebastian Hook flip flop fuck at GayHoopla. This is one of Sebastian's first scenes he did, and we had him on the phone with his now ex at the time. He told her he was just on vacation and there wasn't any other girls he'd found attractive here. What he didn't tell her was he was sucking Jason's cock while on the phone with her. After he convinced her everything was good on his end, he pounded out Jason. Of course it wouldn't have felt absolutely naughty and perfect if Jason didn't get to return the favor. I loved watching Jason stick his hard throbbing dick in and out of Sebastian's newly fresh warm pie hole. Yummy.

4) 2015-05-25 SebastianHook - Topped by the Hairy ColeMoney.mp4
Hairy monster cock Cole Money has his way with Sebastian Hook's tight plump little man hole. Sebastian hasn't had fur quite like Cole's and had a grab from the beginning to feel what manhood was like. Cole had Sebastian blow his enormous cock then turned him over to eat his ass. After Cole munched all in the dark hole, he turned Sebastian over to get drilled. Sebastian could barely take the entire thing, moaning as it slowly went deeper and deeper. Cole was getting off knowing he was stretching that ass apart, finding himself getting harder and harder. After slamming Sebastian's ass, Cole wanted to add some frosting to Sebastian's face. Sebastian loved it all as he left it hanging for minutes and speaking on it later.

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