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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-09-05 |
ICS- Island Caprice Studios - Young Asian Boys

Alone, smooth-skinned beauty, Nat, travels to the big city for the frenetic water festival and is picked up by handsome Geng.
Escaping the crouds, the two return to Geng's apartment where a cute shower scene leads to a tender romp.
Separately, Tdoo is selling drinks in a fishing village when is discovered by Jame. Meeting later, the two head for the countyside where tentative discovery leads to all-out passion.
After solidly fucking Tdoo, Jame explodes with a seemingly endless cum-shot.
Elsewhere, silky-skinned studpuppy Lek finds some woodside solitude and introduces us voyeurs to all parts of his terrific body and a thick, glistening orgasm.
Finally, Tomie dreams of his new heartthrob, Num and decides to surprise him at work with lunch.
After stuffing themselves, they chase eachother under a tree and expose great cocks, sensuous thrusts, and the delicious rewards of ardent lovemaking.
Great looking guys, great sex, these episodes just might be Beyond Paradise.
95 minutes.

Playing man-boy hunter in the woods Suratin discovers naked prey Anuwat lying in the tall grasses. The young man is apparently in some trance and allows Suratin to survey his smooth body.
The hunter is smitten and throws the victim over his shoulder and heads for his
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