Lotsa Logan -- Dougie Long, Logan Blake, Navy Corpsman Logan

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This is a collection of photos & videos of tall, handsome buzzcut military guy
  "Logan," who goes by the name of "Navy Corpsman Logan" on
  All-American Heroes, has done some porn as "Logan Blake,"
  and has an active online presence as "Dougie Long."

It appears that Logan really is (or was) in the United States Navy -- and
  is also into drag and leather in his personal life.

This torrent includes about 300 photos, mostly selfies & homemade
  snapshots from the DougieLong Twitter feed.

Videos include:
- Awakening (with Tom Faulk)
- DirtyTony Logan & Connor Maguire
- AAH:
  - Navy Corpsman Logan
  - Logan & Alex
  - Logan & Antonio
  - Logan & Eddy
  - Logan & Kayden
  - Logan & Miles
  - Logan & Cam (6-minute trailer)
  - Logan & Paolo (6-minute trailer)

If you want even more Logan, there's also an AAH "Logan and Lifeguard Tommy"
  torrent on this site.

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