♺ Barceloneta by Night  ~jocks

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Original upload: 2010-10-25 |
On enormous rocks covered with graffitti on the Spanish Barceloneta beach two horny fuckers record themselves getting it on with their camera on night vision. As the Mediterranean waves crash against the rocks Damien tells Bruno to get down on his knees. Bruno starts sucking but Damien tells him to hold on a minute….He’s got quite the piss load to unleash all over Bruno. He then comes back to Damien’s cock to get those last drops and then finish sucking him off till Damien busts a nut all over him. Damien hands the camera to Bruno and gets down on his knees since his turn to swallow that big fat Catalonian cock. bruno decides he wants more, so he sticks that monster dick of his deep into Damien’s hole. “Slowly, slowly!”, Damien begs. Bruno doesn’t pay him too much attention, until Damien finally can’t take it anymore and takes Bruno’s dick out of his ass, only to end up with all of Bruno’s thick whit splooge all over that pretty face of his!

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