Bulging Vintage Package - Six Movies from the 70s and 80s

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Great Vintage movies - chest hair, furry asses, cheeky boys, bondage, bareback, GREAT soundtracks (sometimes), attempts at storylines, stoned, drunk, hung, cute as hell.  They have it all.  AND MORE!
1.  Deep Compassion (1972) with David Allen and Jim Cassidy
2.  Night at the Adonis (1983) with Jack Wrangler
3.  My Man Mickey - some cute beachboys are slipped Mickey Finns
4.  Fright (1970) -  Cops take out their anger on a punk
5.  Secret Tapes (1970) - Come inside and see my research movies ....
6.  The Last Surfer (1983) - with Jake Scott, Michael Christopher.  Toby Ross producer.
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