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DescriptionModels: Marek and sometimes others
Studio:  Mike18, MikeFriends
Duration:  20 seconds x 34 clips
Video:  Windows Media WMV, 720p HD
Plus additional high-res photo collection

Marek. This eastern European boy started out on some obscure boyporn sites out of Russia, but later became VERY popular to the point he landed some starring roles on the popular Mike18 and MikeFriends sites.  It's easy to see why.

He grabbed my fanship many years ago.  A delicious younger cuter version of Levi Johnson (the ex boyfriend of Bristol Palin, and baby-daddy, who later posed for Playgirl).  That curly hair, those sultry eyes, and that boy-fuzzy body you just want to kiss all over.  Unlike all the primped and preened near-femaled skinny-boys that flood most sites, Marek is an all-natural boyhunk.  They don't touch a single hair on his whole body.  So if you're into nice bush, nice pits, treasure trail, and heaven-between-the-cheeks... Marek is your boy.

Of course, all this is topped by a beautiful floppy package between the legs - which gets nice and thick when aroused.  A real mouthful for some of his friends in the vids and photos.  Beyond joining a site, I've searched for years for a full-length Marek clip of some kind... there just aren't any.  So this collection has been dear to me for a long time.  I hope you will enjoy it.  I use the Loop function in my video player a lot for Marek  :)

Tags: ~european, ~teen, ~twink, ~uncut, ~hair, ~pits, ~chest, ~cum, ~eyes, ~thick, ~wank

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marek23.wmv 7.59 MB
marek26.wmv 7.59 MB
marek11.wmv 7.58 MB
marek19.wmv 7.58 MB
marek3.wmv 7.58 MB
marek18.wmv 7.57 MB
marek33.wmv 7.57 MB
marek14.wmv 7.55 MB
marek28.wmv 7.54 MB
marek16.wmv 7.54 MB
marek6.wmv 7.54 MB
marek29.wmv 7.53 MB
marek10.wmv 7.53 MB
marek9.wmv 7.52 MB
marek2.wmv 7.51 MB
marek31.wmv 7.50 MB
marek13.wmv 7.49 MB
marek30.wmv 7.49 MB
marek7.wmv 7.48 MB
marek12.wmv 7.48 MB
marek27.wmv 7.47 MB
marek4.wmv 7.46 MB
marek21.wmv 7.46 MB
marek17.wmv 7.45 MB
marek25.wmv 7.45 MB
marek15.wmv 7.45 MB
marek32.wmv 7.44 MB
marek1.wmv 7.43 MB
marek22.wmv 7.43 MB
marek5.wmv 7.38 MB
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Marekpix03.jpg 200.62 kB
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Marekpix01.jpg 119.69 kB
Marek_cherry2.jpg 97.25 kB
Marekpix02.jpg 79.95 kB
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