the scout club

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After a year away from the hustle and bustle of the jizz biz, dynamic director Derek Kent returns home to Studio 2000 with The Scout Club. This super-sexy video follows the adventures of a gorgeous group of guys who hang around the campfire sharing cock tales with each other. The combination of Studio 2000 and Derek Kent has always produced white heat and The Scout Club is no exception. Filled with favorites and newcomers, The Scout Club sizzles with enough cocksucking, buttbanging and creamy cum shots to fill three videos.

The cast is a veritable banquet of big boners, buffed bodies and young, fresh, glossy faces. Starring in The Scout Club is Studio 2000 exclusive show pony DC Chandler. He blew your mind in Super Charge and here he is back in two scenes to remind you just how horny, hung and handsome he is. To see his big, veiny, uncut club in action is a sight to behold. Beautiful, blond bottom du jour Brad Benton, juicy Jason Hawke, randy Rocky, platinum prince Jeremy Jordan, thick-dicked Billy Kincaid, dreamy Tony Alvarez, lean cutie Lark Larson, blond babes Eric Johanson and Norman Krivell and “takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'” Tommy Lord are all aboard to insure your dick stays hard and wet.

Beefcake bombshell DC Chandler is the troop leader and poor innocent Tony Alvarez is the one scout who is a little uncomfortable with all the sex stories. That's all you need to know as the troop is off for a long hike into the mountains. When night falls they gather around the campfire to share their saucy stories. First up is Jeremy Jordan who recounts an adventure he had in his barn with slender blond Eric Johanson. There is almost nothing sexier than two blonds in a hay-strewn barn milking meat in every way imaginable. They kiss passionately with Jordan licking Johanson's belly and pubes before sucking his thick, uncut banger. Johanson gets into the blowjob and returns as good as he gets taking Jordan's joint deep down his throat. He fingers and rims Jordan's tasty tush and fucks him hard up against a wheel. The surprise here is that they flip- flop and Jordan screws Johanson on a bale of hay. They both release ropes of boy batter.

The next story takes place in an empty train. Jason Hawke plays the conductor and when Lark Larson and Norman Krivell can't produce tickets, they must blow Hawke as payment. Would that all train travel was this hard. This barter system instantly produces some intense cocksucking with all three hungry guys enjoying the taste of tantalizing tool. Larson is a lean, pretty, pillow-lipped eyeful, Krivell is a beefy blond with a thick uncut prick and of course Hawke is the total package. The cock close-ups are amazing and just when you though it could not get any better it does. Superstar DC Chandler arrives on the scene and takes over. Hawke is the first to suck Chandler and from here the action kicks into high gear. Chandler, Hawke and Larson all take a turn at fucking Krivell's tight ass across the train seat. The resulting cum shots, deposited on Krivell, are copious with Chandler's, of course, being the crc(me de la crc(me.

Rocky tells of a night he was out hiking alone and stumbled upon Tommy Lord sleeping under the stars. As they ogle each other's orbs they soon melt into kissing, fondling and groping. In no time, Lord is showing off his talents as a champion deep-throat artist. He is all flashing eyes and maneuvering mouth as he takes every inch offered down his talented throat. Rocky also shows that he knows how to give a good blowjob, taking Lord's log in his mouth. They suck dick up and down a ladder and finally end up in a perfect sixty-nine on the ground. Rocky then screws Lord missionary and doggie style and later Lord sits on Rocky's rod for a very intense ride. Lord squirts his cream while being penetrated and Rocky jerks out his juice.

The next encounter between glam-gods DC Chandler and Brad Benton is one for the history books. Benton is sitting on the dock of a lake, in straw hat and overalls, fishing. Chandler, in his scout uniform, comes upon this picture of pastoral bliss and in no time their poles replace the fishing pole. Benton practically has to stand on tiptoes in order to kiss and caress the super stud standing in front of him. He chews on Chandler's pecs, which encourages Chandler to suck Benton's boner and fondle his ball-bag. They push off on a raft and, in the middle of the lake, Benton drops to his knees and services the gentle giant. He accomplishes the considerable feat of deep-throating Chandler's entire crank, which is indeed, more than a mouthful. Back on the porch of the cabin, Chandler slowly inserts one finger, then two, then three to prepare Benton for what is soon to follow. Lots of sexy and sloppy kissing finally has Benton ready to impale himself on Chandler's colossal cock. Tight close-ups of this huge hose plowing in and out of Benton's bubblebutt are incredible as are Chandler's big bouncing balls. As Benton moans and groans with delight Chandler fucks him over a barrel, pulls out, and splashes his seed all over Benton's buns. Once Benton has blasted all over the barrel, you will rewind instantly to see this again and again.

All this time Tony Alvarez has been very uncomfortable with the stories, so naturally his best buddy Billy Kincaid suggests they have an adventure to get him more relaxed. This tender and very erotic episode takes place by the fireside and starts with lots of kissing and caressing. Alvarez is shy but not stupid, so when he sees Kincaid's mushroom- headed dick in all its glory he sucks it. Alvarez has a big uncut dong himself and both stroke cock for a while admiring each other's merchandise. Kincaid gives his friend a blowjob and then it is Alvarez who takes over. He fingers and fucks Kincaid across an old tree stump and then on a bench. As they both cum heavy loads, it is safe to assume that Alvarez is over his shyness.

The Scout Club proves again that Studio 2000 raises the stakes with each new video. Director Derek Kent, back where he belongs, has orchestrated a sizzling sexual symphony. The flawless fellas in this cast couldn't be bettered by any group of guys working today. DC Chandler, in only two videos, nails down for himself the rank of Shooting Superstar. Scout yourself up a copy of The Scout Club to own a personal piece of the most gorgeous guys, the hottest action and the newest and most breathtaking Superstar the industry has to offer.
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