Big City Video - Anaconda 1 + 2

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Description*ANACONDA 1
This is called hangin' with the big boyz!
More bone for your buck; 100% pure Latino beef. See the biggest star in porn heaven as Big City Video and the Latin Connection introduces Mr. 12" x 9" - cover model Ricky Martinez.
*Stars: Ricky Martinez, June, Manuel Torres, Oliver Rios, Dimitri, Papi Sanchez and The Beast.
*Directed by Robbie Rob.
*Studio: Big City
*Size: 699MB
*Resolution:400x 528
*Codec: Avi Divx
*Running Time: 75Mins
*Year: 2004

Peppered throughout with nasty sex-talk in Spanish, and with another stunning performance by Ricky Martinez (a.k.a. Anaconda, and with good reason), "Dick of Death: Return of the Anaconda" is tailor-made for us Latino-philes.
Ricky's uncut slab of cock makes its presence known immediately, namely as an enormous bulge the cafe au lait hottie fondles through the pouch of his black undies while Dicksman sits next to him in goggle-eyed, slack-jawed wonder.....
Berto and Simon are the next team to perform. Berto's chinstrap beard and tribal tatts make him look street tough, but they're nothing compared to his cock, which is definitely something to give lots of leeway. Thick, uncut, and long, it looks like one of those dildos that seem almost inhuman because they're so huge..... and for the first time it's evident that Simon has a huge cock all his own.
Next up are Viper and Nikki, and Nikki goes right for the gusto, unzipping Viper's jeans and going down on him while the two are still fully dressed. The sucking goes on for a long time, with Nikki getting a mouthful while Viper's cock lengthens and hardens to its full size. Nikki is my kind of cockpig.....
The next scene is a departure in terms of setting, moving away from the dark interior of an apartment to a fluorescent-lit office. Raymond plays a clerk who accepts a big package from deliveryman Dimitri, and yes, that is indeed a double entendre. Dimitri's cock is huge, but not grossly so, and Raymond feasts on it before Dimitri spreads him across his desk and rims his ass, complete with lots of wet, loud slurps........
*Stars: Ricky Martinez, Viper, Dimitri Sands (Aka Dimitri), Berto, Nikki, Dicksman, Simon and Raymond (Aka Ray).
*Directed by Robbie Rob.
*Studio: Big City
*Size: 583MB
*Resolution:432x 576
*Codec: Avi Divx
*Running Time: 90Mins
*Year: 2005
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