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BG East Texas Shoot Out 1

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Description Bad-Ass Bass Beats Beefy Big Boy

"I want that big one," Bass said. That big one is 26, 6'1, 190 lb beefy blonde hunk Luke, no stranger to wrestling but new to submission - exactly what crafty Bass was counting on. They grapple cautiously, testing each other, but soon Bass is scissoring, stretching, even spanking Luke. Great crotch viewing, especially as Bass splits Luke's legs wide. Covered with sweat, the weakened, tortured hunk is forced to admit he can resist no more. A humiliating finale, especially if you like seeing big muscle-boys get humbled.

Texas boys get down and dirty!

Furious wrestling in jeans and cowboy boots, it's an all-out brawl. Tight white underwear is revealed and the action becomes an erotic challenge. Bigger Brad dominates so Brent uses his bulging crotch as a weapon, even resorting to biting Brad's pecs in desperation. The underwear gets stripped. Sexy pins and slaps lead to some hot'n'horny socks-only action. The final submission frees the humpy Texans to move on to other challenges. The victor claims his hard-won spoils. Rough'n'raunchy grappling, crotch-to-face humiliation.

A Sizzling Texas Sexfight!

A crotch to crotch leg split and a very hot body scissors on the standing Derek are highlights of the intense first fall. Throughout Garett pulls Derek's face to his crotch, taunting and challenging him. Soon both are pulling each others bikinis off with Garett waving his big, beautiful equipment right down onto the pinned Derek's face! Grabbing at Garett's balls only gets Derek a face-full of the same. When Derek fights back, his cock'n'balls get punished. An explosive "shoot" finish as the winner shoots over the loser! Hot.
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