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Cops Gone Bad

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DescriptionCast:  Chris Steele, Michael Soldier, Sky Donovan, Michael Brandon, Vince Varrone, Sire, Joe Stack, Frank Parker

Director:  Chris Ward, J.D. Slater

Country:  US

Length: 2 hr

Year: 2001

Studio :  Raging Stallion Studios

If any porn star were going to be put into a cop uniform, Chris Steele would be the first choice of many. Not only does he not disappoint, he surpasses our wildest expectations.

Cops Gone Bad! is chopped into vignettes, the first one being “Man On the Run”. Soldier (brunette and lanky) is running on a country road in track shorts and a wife beater, and is being followed by cop Steele who is riding in an unmarked SUV. (Steele has never, ever looked as good as he does in the uniform, here reminiscent of an old “Chips” episode.) The scenery is picturesque, both the shots of the pine trees and mountains and the shots of Soldier stretching his taut muscles. Eventually Soldier journeys down a private path. Steele must interrogate and runs the jogger off of the road.

The two struggle as Steele wrests Soldier into the vehicle. There is a lot of cursing and arguing as the camera lingers on the jock strap poking out under Soldiers tiny track shorts. Steele then begins to frisk the trespasser. Steele takes him to a deserted area and places the cuffed boy up against a fence and strips him down to his jock in order to check his perky ass. Steele relishes in the fact that Soldier promptly becomes hard. The fun has begun!

Some cock play segues into a feeding by Steele. Once the cuffs are removed Soldier chows on the cop cock, licks his boots and bends over for a nice rutting. The action shifts from the fence to the SUV. The shots of Soldier on the car and pushing his own cock up against the carÂ’s headlight are hot. Steele works his ass over in a variety of ways, and both guys deliver hearty cum shots. In the end though, Steele ties a naked Soldier to a fence post in a field and leaves him there in an image thatÂ’s a tad too reminiscent of Matthew Sheppard; it's a rather brutish ending to this incredibly hot pairing.

Michael Brandon takes over the cop role in the next scene, aptly titled “Cop Gone Bad”. Here we see blonde boy toy Donovan cuffed to a chair in a deserted interrogation room. Brandon has a scruffy, sexy look that is in direct contrast to Donovan’s crisp blonde appearance. The two offset one another very well. After lots of screaming, cussing, and arguing Brandon begins the bad cop routine. First he massages Donovan’s crotch with his club. Donovan eggs him on screaming “fag cop” and other epithets. After Donovan knocks the table over Brandon pins him on the floor and whispers in his ear, “That’s right and this fag cop loves to fuck little blonde boys”. As he goes in for the kiss Donovan spits in his face. Undeterred Brandon strips off the prisoner’s shirt and begins to rub his meaty cop prick up against Donovan’s jean-clad ass.

Once naked Donovan continues to verbally antagonize his captor, even as he is being probed by BrandonÂ’s billy club. Brandon sizzles as the randy officer. Relishing every inch of DonovanÂ’s hot little ass, Brandon licks the club and works it well into the eager hole. Donovan screams rape as Brandon impales him, but we know that he just canÂ’t get enough of that huge, thick, cop cock! Eventually, Brandon showers the boy with sperm.

“Rent-A-Cop” features Donovan again, this time paired up with Sire as fun-loving thugs in an abandoned shack. Varrone is the security guard who catches the trespassers. When he happens upon the boys Donovan has his throat filled with Sire’s big black dick. Both boys shoot hot loads with Donovan licking the sperm off of Sire’s big piece. Varrone takes the prisoners to some kind of jail cell where they begin playing around once again. This time the security guard wants in on the action and begins stroking his own tool. Soon enough Varrone is sucking the prisoners’ cocks through the jail fence. The boys then pull him into the cell and work him over good. In fact, Sire and Donovan shoot streams of white jism all over his blue security hat.

The running time of this video may seem a little deceiving. While the cover correctly boasts "two hours of corrupt cop cock", only about 90 minutes is new material. You see, an additional scene has been tacked on to the new stuff, taken from Sexpack Two: A Kinky Twist (another Raging Stallion video), features Joe Stack and Frank Parker and is quite hot.

Any way you slice it up this is a white-hot video that will appeal to most audiences. Fans of dirty talk, aggression, and men who donÂ’t look tweezed and preened will be in their cum spurting glory.
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