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Four pairs of hot-looking guys spend an afternoon at the lake, catching rays on blankets. There is no self-conscious modesty (it's Europe!). The attire is naked casual, although one guy still has not gotten around to removing his shorts. He's poured his potato chips into the dip in the small of the other guy's back and eats the chips as though from a butt buffet.

Swimming is prohibited, says the sign in German, but it says nothing about fucking or partner swapping, so being red-blooded dudes surrounded by all that flesh, it does not take them long to get frisky. The first adventurer excuses himself to his blanket mate and walks into the woods, nodding a beckon to his target on another blanket. On their way to some privacy, their dicks gradually harden and they fondle each other's asses affectionately. I love it when the guys are so horny for each other that they don't even have to touch themselves to stiffen up.

Two of the others, both blonds, also wander close to where the first two are and watch the action as they jack themselves lustfully, the first hiding behind a tree, spying on the pair, the second a few yards back, spying on the spy as well as the two. Theirs are cute butts to watch along with the action beyond. The voyeurs hook up and jack and suck each other then join the first pair, and the scene turns into a very nice orgy with cum flying everywhere.

Meanwhile, two swappers meet at another clearing and begin trading blowjobs. These are very sexy dudes. I don't know their names. There is no picture ID on the DVD. One is an absolutely adorable, slightly beefy blond with a curvy behind to die for. His pal is short and dark. Both have killer smiles. They flip flop fuck, thoroughly enjoying both the give and the take. They finish with a breathtaking over-the-shoulder cum shot coaxed out of the blond by the dark twink's sexy nut massage.

The last scene pairs the blond with a cutie pie who's been wanking himself with a porn magazine. They are in military fatigues. The blond pokes the young dude's butthole vigorously. One shortcoming is that sloppy editing makes it seem like we're seeing some sequences two or three times, but it's not enough to ruin this excellent Euro-amateur video.

Country.: Germany
Director: Marcel Bruckmann
Starring: Sebastian Falk, Pedro Rosicki, Tom Steffen, Konrad K�nig, Robin Reiser, Mirko M�ller, Carsten Masch, Jens Brauer, Kamil Paulak
Studio..: Man's Art
Codec...: DIVX
Release.: 2003
Duration: 85 min

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