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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2016-10-09 |
Brad Banks Collection - everything except his first solo vid. He's camming again as tadilac on chaturbate.

More info on him from sexflexible:

From our source:
‘Brad’ used to do cam shows when he was much younger. Established somewhat of a relationship with him over the years and watched his transition from high school football stud to muscle god to gay porn star. One thing I feel is worth mentioning: I know Brad seems very rigid and dispassionate in his scenes and many people will think this is because he’s ‘gay-for-pay’ but even in person in his natural environment, he is very soft-spoken, very quiet, very withdrawn. What you see is what you get with him…he simply has a very flat affect.
He is also not entirely gay-for-pay. He’s admitted to being genuinely bi-curious for quite some time now but was never able to do anything about it due to him living in a small town. He once joked that he was probably the first bi guy who never messed around until he was 25. I assured him that while he’s certainly not the only one, there are probably countless guys out there (and some in his town/at his school) that would’ve given their right nut to mess around with a stud like him.
Ever since getting into the adult industry (he sought it out himself!), he says he’s learned what he likes and doesn’t like. He says he doesn’t like kissing guys but he likes bottoming. In fact, he says bigger cocks feel better to him, especially thicker ones. The last time I spoke with him, he said he was recently fucked by a guy with a pretty thick cock and he stayed hard the entire time the guy was fucking him because it felt so good. Wowza!
Another thing about ‘Brad’: he really didn’t¬†know until recently exactly how hot he is. He’s essentially been an archetypal masculine jock country boy who’s aloofness to his sex appeal made him seem even more masculine!
If only his buddies knew that he was harboring some gay fantasies/watching gay porn when he was in high school, he probably would’ve had teammates slipping notes in his locker trying to arrange hookups!
I talked to Brad about sharing some of these photos, etc and what I knew about him (wanted his permission, of course) and he wasn’t against it. I’ve even included one of his “cash master” videos he made for a guy that likes to be degraded. Brad said he was surprised how much he got turned on playing the part of dominant alpha jock.
Guess it comes naturally to him…….

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