Bel Ami Out at Last 1 Souvenirs

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DescriptionThe mega-amazing release Souvenirs: Out at Last 1 foolishly markets itself as a must for Bel Ami fans only, as if it wouldnĀft interest newcomers to the studio. But itĀfs for everyone! Young guys, slim, smooth, and foreskinned. Need we say more?

Bel Ami were producing this sort of quality non-exploitative stuff back in the early nineties whilst the rest of the pornomakers, after a quick buck, were dragging any old confused skinny farmerĀfs boy off the street, making him jerk off in a hotel room, paying him two turnips and kicking him out of the door. Well, lets go back in time to when people thought Paulik was the name of a toilet cleaner and Ridgeston was the name of a suppository.

In this lovingly compiled collectorĀfs piece (what no TiffanyĀfs ribbon?) ten previously seen and unseen clips are brought together with all sorts of special features, including the ability (via the chapter breakdown) to see the guys just kissing, sucking, rimming, fucking or cumming. ThereĀfs also great insightful commentary from director Duroy. Oh, and the music is so cool in the intro bits. ItĀfs like a trippy Nancy Sinatra meets Pulp Fiction whilst frugging out on Rowan and MartinĀfs "Laugh In." And dressed as a nun. Sock it to me!

First up thereĀfs a great threesome between Meyer, Smolik and Tarkus that was originally intended for Accidental Lovers. It also happens to be the first porno Duroy ever shot. He later reshot this with only Meyer and Smolik. God knows why - Tarkus is great as he spies on the oral adventures of the two lovers before joining in and slurping his way to orgasm.

Second thereĀfs Ardini and Nemeth in a try-out scene for what youĀfll later see performed by others in The English Student. Here, they wake and jerk off their mega inches before indulging in a quick frottage session, the kind you do when youĀfre young and horny but unaware of sodomy. Reminded me of my own youth!

The third scene is the original version of the cover episode in Frisky Summer. Here Davidov has long hair (!) and they reshot the scene after he had it cut short. He and Paulik show off their star potential in an all-out kiss-, suck-, finger- and rim-athon with the two energetic youngsters looking like they are enjoying the attention. The two studs explore each others to-be-famous bodies before each shoots over the otherĀfs young smooth boyish pecs.

Number four is an unseen sequence from Blue Danube that Falcon International removed because they thought Benda looked too nerdy in those glasses. IĀfm not surprised - have you ever seen him in Nighthawken? It was like John Denver needed the money and was forced into getting his clothes off! Here Kovac is getting his attention with a quick footsie session that leads to bjĀfs. He may be nerdy but Benda is hung like a donkey! The two sixty-nine before Benda bends to take KovacĀfs Kojak-in-a-turtle-neck.

Hottie hung Jung gets it on with the equally doable Janek in a scene originally available only on the initial release of LukasĀf Story. This great scene was cut because of its running time, and I think thatĀfs terrible because this is one of the hottest seventeen minutes youĀfll see in some time! Watch in awe as two relaxed performers, after picking each other up on the street, head to a belfry where a non-stop sucking and fucking leads to climax after climax before Jung gives it up for his blonde colleague, shooting as the sun shines in through the exposed beams. I love how Jung licks his lips whilst heĀfs getting a blow-job, and I also love the insane old guy on the street at the beginning of this piece.

The next three scenes are original versions of what would eventually become Teamplay which they decided to remake in a pool setting after they discovered how much it would cost to shoot the thing on an ice-rink! Why not just dress a studio for the same price? Of course, thatĀfs what everyone else would have done.

Post game, our hockey team hit the showers and thereĀfs so much foreskin on show your Rabbi would die! Killian and Voinar stay behind and spend time sucking each otherĀfs Swiss swizzlesticks. Voinar catches them at it, smacks lover Killian (relax ? itĀfs more a bitchslap then a punch) and we cut to later as Jensen is thinking back to the sex he had with him. This is much more like it as they let rip with an oral sixty-nining before Jensen fucks his partner against the open fire. The third scene features Jensen again, picked up in a cafe by Barre. Jensen must have really been paid well because he performs like a star. They kiss and suck before Barre is fucked rotten.

The last two scenes feature outtakes from Frisky Summer 2 that were cut because they couldnĀft be connected to the main story. Like you need to? Hello? Oh yes, Bel Ami doesnĀft do that sort of thing because people like me would rip them to shreds in our reviews.

The two scenes are a crosscut between Dantes and Lubov and Kovac and Kilian, all equally beautiful and well hung. After some joint horseplay in the pool, the duos head their separate ways to kiss, suck and fuck. Dantes and Lubov are great and you gotta see DantesĀf foreskin - it looks like a salami!

Gorgeous Kovac returns with gorgeous Kilian in a bedroom, Kovac busy sucking his partner before both sets of heavy inches are worked in a memorable sequence that culminates with Kovac thrusting his way in and out of Kilian before showering him in Euro-spooge.

A lot of young unforgettable guys here in performances youĀfll have missed, either in memory or altogether. Director Duroy tells us it was like a trip down his libidinous memory lane. YouĀfll want to stay there! And if thatĀfs not enough, thereĀfs a sequel.
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