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badmasterboys lick quicker mp4

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DescriptionWe’ve searched out for you  a  really hot outdoor video shot  in the summer so as to  bring some real warmth into  the depths of winter. The two chav Masters  Matt and Mitch join forces in some woodland to put a slave through the mill.  Enjoy dirty Nikes,  steaming socks, sweaty feet , loads of  Master  snot and some sitting action.

Master Matt (wearing Jeans, a red Adidas jacket and stylish Air Max)  uses him as a pony to ride through the undergrowth.  Master Mitch (dressed in white with white Nikes) watches on as he sits on a tree trunk and drinks beer. 

When Master Matt reaches Master Mitch on board his ‘pony’,  the slave has to put his tongue to work on his trainers. ‘Make them shine, you little fart’ warns  the chav.  As the slave uses his tongue to scrape off quantities of dirt and grass stalks from his soles and is told to swallow everything down,  the two boys prepare  themselves for a snot attack.  The boys take great delight in spitting in the face of their shoeshine boy again and again.  He also has beer poured over him. 

Now the slave has to lie on his back on the woodland floor.  Master Matt sits down on him.  The loser has to lick both masters’ shoes.  After a bit, Master Mitch gets up and climbs up into a hide. As the slave  gets on with licking their shoes, he is  spat  on and verbally abused by the two chav masters.  Suffering, the human  shoecleaner  can hardly breathe as Master Mitch’s damp socks are pressed into his face. . ‘Don’t just sniff, lick’ demands the chav . It’s not long before the Master takes his socks off and the victim is allowed to take care of his bare feet. ‘Lick each toe individually’ is the command. Master Matt watches on and makes sure that there is no slacking on the part of the slave. The smallest slip is met with a slap to the face. 

Master Mitch now fancies having a quiet smoke. The slave again has  to lie down on his back on the woodland floor. The Master kneels on his victim’s neck.  The slave’s head is clamped between his thighs  All the while as the slave feels his master’s balls on his chin through the thin material of his master’s trousers,  his own balls are tormented by nasty kicks from Master Matt.  CBT at its finest!  As  the slave looks up into Master Mitch’s face, he sees him gathering some snot  together. In no time at all, the thick snot lands in his mouth. The two chav masters hand out a couple of slaps to help out when it all seems to be taking too long.
Now it’s Master Matt’s turn for some fun. He  sits down with all his weight on the  slave  and has him lick his dirty trainers and then his stinky socks and finally his bare feet.
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