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Randyblue - The Coach

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DescriptionHumor me a bit and let me give you a little background information. When I first entered high school my sophomore year I went out for football. I wasn't much of an athlete and had no interest in football per say but I was in love with the assistant coach. He was at that time in my life the hottest thing on two legs I had ever seen. He was of course a frustrated college athlete who never made pro but still loved to party and talked about all that could have been if it hadn't had been for that bad ankle. Yes, he was the kind of the guy that would call you pussy if you couldn't bench press as much as he or didn't love running 5 miles every day in the blistering afternoon sun. He also always referred to himself in the third person as "The Coach". "The Coach likes this" and "The Coach likes that," "Drop and give The Coach 20," well, you get the picture. And of course we were delivered weekly updates on the women he had managed to seduce when he wasn't coaching and teaching drivers ed. But still, I loved him. Call me crazy but he was everything I imagined the perfect male should be like except he was straight. I traveled back home to the Midwest a couple of years ago to visit family and who's path did I cross? You got it, the coach. He was of course older and a bit gray but he was still in great shape, still obnoxious and yes still wearing his coaches shorts. Because of him I think that is where my fetish for coaches shorts come from and muscle rub and whistles.... Well, anyway I decided to do a fantasy theme and have old high school football players Reese and Chris visit their high school coach Mitchel and reminisce about the good old days. While I never got the nerve to actually go to the coaches house I like to think what might and could have happened. This time the tables are turned and the boys give the coach a good drilling all under his orders. Lots of sucking, rimming and fucking in this one boys. I think this is one hot and yes quite humorous scene that hopefully you will make you laugh and get off. Yes its my little fantasy so indulge me and think of a hot coach you used to know. Who knows, you might even want to look up that old coach and tell him you know what he meant when he said "deeper penetration into the end zone". Enjoy!
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