♺ Vivid Man - Jock Strap (1999)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-08-24 |
Reviewed by: Zack O'connor

"Jockstrap" is an intentionally goofy video, which centers on a ragtag football team led by the dopey Coach Kraatz (Doug Jeffries). Evidently, they are doing so poorly, that the owner of the franchise, Tiffany Twat (Seth Black doing his best Eartha Kitt impersonation) is threatening to sell the team. Coach Kraatz obviously doesn't want this to happen, so he takes his team up to the mountains in order for them to get ready for the "big game" (we never see the game, nor does it really make a difference).

Our team, made up of Johnny Thrust, Scott Davis, James Perry and Zach Richards, rolls out of their van once they arrive in the forest and start exploring the woods. Davis happens upon a naked, blond, would-be biker (David Pierre) lounging on a rock and decides to take advantage of the situation. Before long, Thrust shows up and the two take turns topping the biker. Blond, tall Davis, who doesn't seem to have any fat on him whatsoever, is drop dead gorgeous -- not to mention the fact that his is armed with a formidable dick. The young-looking Thrust is nothing to scoff at either. He has a great skater-surfer look to him, is very cute, has a few tattoos, and has a dick that is at least eight or nine inches long and very thick. Thrust even cums twice. (What a trooper.)

As it turns out, Pierre is actually a spy sent out by Twat whose mission it is to "drain" the energy out of Davis and Thrust. If the two star players are too pooped to pop, they'll lose the game, thus providing Twat with good reason to sell the team -- which is exactly what she wants. Back in the van, Coach Kraatz is all worked up while fantasizing about Perry. In the dream sequence, Jeffries pounds Perry and the two get off very nicely. Jeffries and Perry are a nice match, as the two resemble each other physically -- both are very tan, fairly buff, have short haircuts, and seemed to be shaved over most of their bodies. The cute, slightly Hawaiian looking Richards is pouting in the forest. He's been pining for Davis, but the stud won't give him the time of day.

Country hicks Brian Anger and Paul Carrigan show up and decide to have their way with Richards. Anger (long greasy hair, tattoos, skanky looking) and Carrigan (skanky as well, beard, unkempt appearance) take turns topping Richards, who doesn't seem to mind the attention. The rest of the team realizes that Richards has disappeared, and they decide to search for him. They find, and then rescue him from the clutches of Anger and Carrigan in a rather slapstick scene. We're assuming that Davis was so overwhelmed being the hero, that he decided to share his love (and dick) with Richards. Davis tops the cute Richards, and Davis is rimmed quite nicely (in a very close-up shot might we add).

While "Jockstrap" works mostly as a comedy, the sex is still quality stuff, especially if you are a fan of Davis, Thrust or Carrigan. Jeffries displays some capable acting skills, and Black adds some color as Tiffany Twat. The music walks the fine line between the score to an '83 Pac Man game and bad sped-up techno music. Post-production adds lots of comic-book style graphics throughout the picture, which lends to the comic tone.

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