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Release Date: 2023-04-09
Top athlete brand "ACTIVE BODY" has finally completed its long-awaited new release after 3 years!

A 21-year-old baseball player with hardcore muscles makes his impressive main debut!
He has a manly yet simple cute mask, thick and strong pectoral muscles, a fresh and fresh ass, and a sensitive male dick that is erect!

The main event is a 23 year old football player with huge muscles and a huge dick!
And 21 year old bulky builder wrestling club gets dug for the first time in the first shooting!
All new faces! A total of 5 people! 6 parts including 2 parts of his ass fucking!

Athletes who have been in gymnastic clubs all their lives... and have supreme bodies trained day in and day out... are falling one after another...

1. 21 year old hardcore baseball player, first time shooting! She ejaculates screaming while sucking a big dick!
Naked muscle training starts! She gets her pectoral muscles tight with dumbbell presses! Tensing up his trapezius muscles by doing pull-ups! Beautiful muscles all over the body! Her big dick swells up after watching porn! While masturbating, she gets a blowjob from a guy! She gets her dick sucked by a guy while masturbating! Her ass is teased by a finger, and she reacts with a twitch! She gets a mouth full of cum while she kisses and fucks him...!

2. 23 year old W-main and IJN muscle football player, first time shooting! He shoots a bazooka of cum from his huge dick directly to the camera!
She is proud of her super muscles in this photo shoot! You can see her big ass through her spats! The staff's instructions are getting more and more extreme...
When she takes off her pants, she feels the weight of a huge dick! She lets out a sigh of pleasure at the male's torture, and her expression gradually becomes more and more relaxed...!
I'm going to cum...I'm going to cum! The cum splattered from the huge dick hits the camera!

3. 20-year-old college student of baseball club with beautiful dick and muscles, first time shooting! She is completely fallen by a man's technique! She comes while writhing in agony!
Her pectoral muscles move freely! When she watches a porn movie, her pseudo foreskin dick becomes a beautiful big dick!
He is so tight while being tortured in his ass!
I'm cumming...!" She is squeezed by a masturbator and ejaculates!

4. 20 year old wrestling club member, first time shooting! She ejaculates with excitement by male domination!
Her pants are super flabby during the photo shoot! Beautiful ass with just the right amount of volume, tanned to a wheat-colored! She is oiled up and super perky! No problem for the staff to touch her body for penis size measurement! The devil's hand is coming to your erection! When she is squeezed hard by the masturbator, she makes a nasty squishy sound and says "Oh...that feels so good..." She is about to come but is stopped just in time and says "Can I come? I'm cumming... I'm cumming! ...A stiff dick that doesn't shrink even after cumming!

5. 20 year old wrestling club member gets fucked for the first time and ejaculates rocket-propelled cumshot!
The college student who is soaked in sports gives her proud muscle BODY to the man! A straight cock gets a hard-on by kissing and licking her nipples! Her ass is teased by his fingers, and her sighing voice echoes... and a dildo is easily inserted into her ass! He is thrusting his cock into her face, and she rejects it, but he makes her lick it as if she were tasting it...! When she was about to be inserted in the normal position, she said, "I don't think it will go in..." Despite her words, she succeeded in inserting and pistoning! She is dug and shoots cum vigorously!

6. 21-year-old bulky builder wrestling club, first homo sex in the first shooting!
She has an amazing bulky BODY!
He gets a full erection immediately after watching porn! His cock twitches! She seems to have M temperament... and inserts her fingers and toys into his ass!
He has his ass fucked for the first time!
Can I fuck you in the mouth? She is addicted to male fellatio! The staff's mouth is filled with thick cum!

トップアスリートブランド『ACTIVE BODY』、3年ぶり待望の新作が遂に完成!!


ALL新顔! 総勢5名! アナルFUCK2編を含む全6パート!!


1. メイン・硬派なド筋肉野球部21才、初撮影! デカマラ咥えながら雄叫び射精!!
全裸筋トレ開始! ダンベルプレスでパンパンに張った大胸筋! 懸垂でボコボコに盛り上がる僧帽筋! 全身隈なく鍛えられた筋肉美! AVを見てムクムクと膨張していくガチマラ! オナニー中にすかさず男からのフェラ! ジュボジュボされて「あっ…あぁ…!!」 アナルを指でいじられてヒクヒク反応! キス&イラマチオで口いっぱいに雄を味わいながら顔を歪め…!

2. Wメイン・弩級の筋肉アメフト部23才、初撮影! 極太巨根からカメラ直撃のザーメンバズーカ噴射!!
自慢の超筋肉写真撮影! スパッツ越しにわかるモッコリ! どんどん過激になっていくスタッフの指示…
パンツを脱ぐとずっしり重量感のある超極太巨根! 雄責めに吐息を漏らし、徐々に余裕のない表情へ…!
「イキそう…イクッ!!」 超極太巨根から飛び散るザーメンがカメラに直撃!!

3. 美チン筋肉野球部大学生20才、初撮影! 男のテクに完堕ち! 悶えながらイキ果てる!!
ピクピク自由に動く大胸筋! AVを観せると仮性包茎チンポが美デカチンに!

4. ガッチリレスリング部20才、初撮影! 雄責めで興奮絶頂射精!!
写真撮影中にパンツが超モッコリに! 小麦色に焼けた適度なボリューム感のある美尻! オイルを塗って超プリプリ! チンコサイズの計測という体でスタッフが触っても問題なし! 勃起に魔の手が迫りくる! グチュグチュといやらしい音を立ててオナホで激しくしごかれると「あぁ…気持ちいい…」 イきそうになるのを寸止めされ 「イっていいすか?…イクっイクっ」 興奮絶頂射精!!…イったあとも萎えないガチガチマラ!

5. ガッチリレスリング部20才、初掘られで勢いよく撒き散らすロケット射精!!
スポーツ漬けの大学生が自慢の筋肉BODYを男に差し出す! キス、乳首舐めでガチガチに勃起してしまうノンケチンポ! アナルを指でいじられて吐息混じりの声が響き渡り… まさかのディルドもすんなり挿入!! ビンビンチンコを顔面に突き出され拒否反応を示するも、味見するように舐めさせられ…! 正常位で挿入されそうになると「入んないと思う…」 そんな言葉とは裏腹、挿入&ピストン成功! そのまま掘られイキで勢いよくザーメンを発射する!!

6. バルキービルダーレスリング部21才、初撮影で初ホモSEX!!
圧巻のバルキーBODY! スタッフの口車に乗せられて際どい撮影に!
AVを観て即フル勃起! ピクピク動くチンポ! M気質があるらしく…アナルに指&オモチャ挿入!
「口でシテもらってもいいですか…?」男のフェラにヤミツキ!? スタッフの口に濃厚ザーメン!!
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