Brenner Bolton (Solo)

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August 25, 2014

Brenner Bolton wrote to me about doing video work. He indicated he was mostly straight in his first email, but had really been getting into guys lately. Suuuure!

After talking to him a bit, it became pretty clear he was going to be into guys, though he does seem a bit omnivorous when talking about sex. He tends to like all kinds of sex. Guys, girls and everyone in between! He watched straight porn for his solo.

As he indicates at the start of the video, he is all about dudes right now. He loves to rim and deep throat a huge cock, and swallowing a load, even if it is his own, is a taste treat. If you like watching guys eat their own cum, make sure you stay for the aftermath, because it is finger licking good!

He is very sexual, and though the gets a bit nervous when his cock doesn’t spring to life right away, he gets his groove on once he is up and running. Brenner is making all kinds of noise, jerking his uncut cock, writhing around while playing with his ass hole! Every time his fingers stray down to his butt hole, his cock would get extra firm. All signs point to a major bottom boy!

He mentioned SEVERAL times that he is fascinated with extra big cocks, so I have Troi set to play with him next week. Somehow, I don�t think it will be Troi doing the Servicing. It’s more likely Brenner will be Edging Troi!

Brenner’s hole sure seems like it needs filling!
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