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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-06-24 |
Production: 2011
Studio: Centaur Films
Starring: Sean Storm, Brad McGuire, Brent Everett, Brock Masters, Bryan Score, Chase Dryburgh, Chip Daniels, Masked Mystery Man, Matt Sizemore, Richie Fine, Scott Bradley, Sean Paris, Trey Rexx, Tuck Johnson, Yanko
Genres: Muscles, Anal/Oral Sex, Big Dick, BDSM, Bondage, Rimming, Fingering, Masturbation, Cumshot, Compilation

Sean Storm stars in this 2 hour hardcore feast which spans his entire porn career, featuring 6 of his favorite scene, and loads of extras! Sean is the ultimate� a smooth, insatiable, hot asses bottom boy when he starts, who becomes more & more of a young man and unstoppable sex machine as he gets his delicious ass plowed in each new scene! Grab your lube and cum watch Sean�s amazing ass open wide and eagerly swallow every hot, hard and huge cock offered!

Sean Storm stars with fourteen models in this two-hour six-scene hardcore feast which spans much of his porn career. Sean is the ultimate smooth, insatiable, cupcake-assed bottom boy when he starts, and turns more and more into a young man and unstoppable sex machine in each new scene. In this video Sean tells us how he felt when he took that first step before Chip Daniels' camera in the Fall of 2000. As he introduces each scene he talks about how his career has progressed and about the dozens of models he has performed with along the way. Sean Storm's Collector's Edition features a full scene from six of his fan's favorite blockbusters, all as selected by a special poll among thousands of his fans worldwide.

They chose one of Sean's very first scenes, with muscular super-hung stud Tuck Johnson playing Upperclassman Adam Farrow to Sean's Cadet Jason Barnes, in Man Academy. Barnes inspects Farrow's hard dick with his mouth and ass. The intensity, attraction and pure manimal lust they exhibit is raw, real and randy as they kiss, deep throat, lick and suck cock, rim ass, hug, squeeze and engage in deep painful, pleasurable butt fucking.

In Playing for Keeps Sean trades his cadet uniform for that of a boat boy where he encounters young, chiseled, big-nippled and big-dicked Richie Fine. Richie hooks Sean up with handsome, dark haired Bryan Score. Before long all three are sucking, licking and fucking in a threeway that features a sandwich fuck with Sean taking it from Richie, while he plows Bryan. Richie and Bryan spin Sean around like a toy top while they take turns fucking the hell out of his ass.

It isn�t long though before Sean is back in school in Tight Ends & Wide Receivers, this time as Cory, mascot and all around sex toy to the Tigers, a small college football team, overseen by its coach, Chip Daniels, back before the cameras after a five year absence - more hot, handsome and horny than ever before. While working in the gym�s laundry, Cory imagines he's actually in the gym in a training session that has him licking Daniels' scrumptious ass, sucking Daniels' 8" love stick and finally having the coach spread Cory's insatiable ass for an unbelievable pounding.

The first Man Academy was so popular that director Daniels decided to do a sequel. It wasn�t complete without a guest appearance by its original star pupil, Jason Barnes, played by Sean Storm. While its story focuses on Jason�s younger brother Jeremy, Jeremy periodically calls Jason for advice and each time we see Jason he's interrupting his own ass-fucking, by a Masked Man, to assist Jason.

Also included in his fans� selection was a decidedly different type of film for Sean, Chip Daniels� hard edged Man Hunter. Here Sean is a victim who is on his way to subservience, along with the luscious jock boy bod and cherub faced Scott Bradley, both awaiting the pleasure of Mike Ray, who, in the same dungeon, is about to shove a giant dildo into the ass of versatile, uncut and thick Brad McGuire, who's a police officer sent to their rescue but ends up being a captive in a sling. Before the penetration, in bursts the awesome manhole stuffer Trey Rexx, as police officer Goodwin. His partner takes Mike Ray to jail while Sean and Scott repay Brad and Trey for their rescue in a fourway that soon has every hole stuffed with hard man meat.

The final scene finds Sean back in uniform as Seaman Nick Adams in Navy Blues: Deeper In The Brig. Here he ends up in the U.S. Navy Brig, run by topman superstar Brock Masters, sporting his 10" thick cock and buffed body in the role of the Brig Commander, and the Brig�s nasty Sergeant, played by tall, hairy and muscular Matt Sizemore. Other prisoners are Seaman Brent Everett, a very youthful 18-year-old with an alabaster smooth body, a beautiful 9" thick cock and a true virgin butt; Seaman Sean Paris, a hunky, chiseled, bodybuilder; Seaman Chase Dryburgh, a handsome redhead; and Seaman Yanko, an awesomely muscled and chiseled skin-headed bodybuilder.

All five seamen are used in every conceivable way, with each other and for the pleasure of the lieutenant and sergrant. It's hardcore sucking, fucking nirvana, as dicks find assholes and mouths and quickly fill them up. The star bottoms are Brent and Sean, giving their asses over for everyone. Especially Sean, who ends up getting a train fuck pulled on him by everyone in the Brig, ultimately being the one to endure the ferocious no holes barred ass fucking and hole stretching cock pounding action delivered by Brock Masters.
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