[Falcon] The Best of JEREMY JORDAN

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Description"See what makes Jeremy Jordan a true Falcon legend in The Best of Jeremy Jordan! Nine scorching hot, full-length scenes from some of Falcon's greatest titles of all time make this collection a must own.

Scene One- from Hard to Hold Featuring Virgil Sainclair, Dominic Russio and Jeremy Jordan

Jordan recalls a steamy tale, as his boss Virgil Sainclair demands extra work from his young charge. He also invites pal Dominic Russio along for the ride, with their two monster cocks towering over both of Jordan's holes in a size queen's dream.

Scene Two- from Bad Behavior Featuring Addison Scott, Nino Bacci and Jeremy Jordan

Super-cute bottom-boy Jeremy Jordan sucks on Nino Bacci's thick uncut tool while getting fingered on a pool table. Addison Scott walks in and gives directions as the other two suck, rim, and swap spit. Bacci finally shoves his cock up Jordan's ass and pounds him deep and hard before the two explode in a wet sticky mess.

Scene Three- from Thrusted Featuring Colby Taylor, Javier Duran, Clint Cooper, Scott Davis, Anthony Cox and Jeremy Jordan

Colby Taylor hides amid the heating ducts looking down on an emerging orgy in the basement...jacking his thick cock as the action unfolds. Before long, Javier Duran is busy sucking Clint Cooper's thick cock. Clint in turn is busy fellating Scott Davis' hard dick. Stripped down to a jockstrap, Jeremy Jordan gets down on his hands and knees and dives into a smorgasbord of big juicy manmeat, namely Scott's, Javier's and Clint's huge and tasty pricks. Clint plays with Jeremy Jordan's smooth round ass while he busily sucks him off; then Clint and Anthony Cox join in the mix, with Jeremy and Clint taking turns swallowing both Anthony's and Javier's rods. Scott lays back and Jeremy squats over his cock; the others help push and pull him onto the erect piece of meat. Javier and Anthony then take turns fucking jeremy, his legs spread wide apart to welcome each hard deliberate thrust. Excited with the assault on his ass, Jeremy jacks himself off as each man unloads all over him.

Scene Four- from Aim to Please Featuring Billy Brandt and Jeremy Jordan

Jeremy Jordan awakens dozing Billy Brandt with his own brand of expert oral skill and devotion. Billy returns the favor by opening up and burying himself deep within the warmth of Jeremy's hole.

Scene Five- from Deep South Part 1 Featuring Chad Hunt, Adam Wolfe, Jason Tyler, Derek Cameron, Clay Maverick, Sebastian Cole and Jeremy Jordan

Jeremy Jordan is the Senator's son and a prodigal golden boy who sits at the center of a secret society dedicated to worship of the male form. Studly socialites Chad Hunt, Adam Wolfe, Jason Tyler, Derek Cameron, Clay Maverick and Sebatian Cole take turns feeding and filling Jeremy's unquenched desires.

Scene Six- from Head Games Featuring Josh Harting and Jeremy Jordan

Enjoy an updated version of "truth or dare" with smooth young Falcon Exclusive Josh Harting and Jeremy Jordan. This suit-stretching session of stroking, kissing, sucking and fucking will leave you drenched and priming for round two!

Scene Seven- from Deep South Part 2 Featuring Josh Weston, Jack Ryan and Jeremy Jordan

Josh Weston attempts to confront Jack Ryan's treachery and finds himself in the middle of a Delta style threeway...unable to resist the lure of hedonism. Jeremy goes after everyone's cock, and he also sucks on Josh's feet. Josh then pounds away with his cock deep in Jeremy's ass, and next fucks Jack. They take turns, Josh cums, then the other two blow their loads.

Scene Eight- from Kept Featuring Gus Mattox, Chad Hunt, Dean Monroe, Ben Damon and Jeremy Jordan

Gus Mattox is at a party where he stumbles across Chad Hunt getting his massive cock being sucked by Jeremy Jordan. Gus joins in on the fun, and so does Ben Damon, and finally Dean Monroe for a party none will soon forget.

Scene Nine- from Hooked Featuring Jason Hawke and Jeremy Jordan

Jason Hawke has been pining away over Jeremy Jordan for along time and he finally gets his wish when the two get away for a sex-charged and magical love fest on the Northern California coast."
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