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Pier Groups *Precondom* Classic

This is a good quality rip (considering age and source) from re-mastered DVD. If you like hot, natural, untrimmed, masculine, blue-collar men cruising for sex in public places you're going to love this 70s classic. It's a reminder of the freer days of open cruising before the era of AIDS.


Pier Groups reflects a decidedly more innocent, pre-AIDS, "too many men/not enough time" philosophy that, most gay men (if they're totally honest) wouldn't mind being able to return to. This classic video allows us a momentary escape into a hot fantasy. - Daddy "Rexman" Slapmegood

Construction-worker Joe is a handsome, hands-on kind of guy with a pretty wife. One lovely New York morning, he's asked to take a trip down to the old abandoned piers in Greenwich Village to assess the property. "Have a look," his foreman instructs. "They're pretty much deserted!"

Down the hall from where Joe lives, Rick (Subway's KEITH ANTHONI) makes mushy gay love with his boyfriend. Finding he has the day off, Rick is ecstatic. "Might as well go down to the piers," he decides, donning his butch flannel fag-gear. Uh-oh! Are you thinking what I am?

Pier Groups is ARCH BROWN'S loving tribute to the old unused piers between W. 10th and 12th Street on Manhattan's west side, a long-ago Disneyland of gay cruising where rugged men roamed freely in search of a mate. Or two. Or three...

With his hardhat and clip board, straight-shooter Joe is, at first, oblivious to the action going on around him. While Rick moves fluidly from prick to prick, Joe takes measurements and scribbles on his pad. All around Joe, men who look just like him come out of the woodwork to cruise each other with the subtlety of a falling elevator. Pants are dropped and knees kiss dusty gravel. Soon the piers are crawling with horny macho men gettin' it on, and Joe finds he can no longer remain anonymous.

From here, Pier Groups travels in a slightly different direction than one might expect. Surprisingly, Joe never joins in on the fun even when politely invited. Because the film gives us limited access to Joe's psyche (if he has one), we can only wonder what he's thinking as a myriad of grown men sodomize each other at his feet. Rick, who's a bit more in touch with his feminine side, drains his nuts a few more times and calls it a day.

Pier Groups' coy ambiguity is testament to the enthusiasm and originality of early gay pornographers like Arch Brown who, like those sleazy sex-splattered piers, are sadly missed today.

Released: 1979
Director: Arch Brown
Studio: P.M. Productions
Distributor: Cream of the Crop Video, Something Weird
Duration: 57:54
Size: 1.11 GB
Resolution: 720x480
Source: DVD Rip
Codec: XviD (playable on any player with the XviD codec installed)
Cast: Alan Miles as Rik's lover, Johnny Kovacs as Joe, Jozef Tempesta, Keith Anthoni as Rik, Michael Pen, Myles Longue (A.K.A. Ed Wiley), Ryder (80s), Sven Jensen, Tony Stalione, Victor Houston, Rose Tattu (Non Sexual Role as Joe's Wife)

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