Hard Heroes

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DescriptionHard Heroes

Max Grand
Jack Simmons
Brad Taylor
Mason Flynt
Steve Shannon
Gage Michaels
Emmet Andrews
Cody Cruze

For most of us, our first taste of homoeroticism came while watching Saturday morning cartoons or while looking at comic books since most superheroes--such as Spider-Man or Green Lantern--were always this close to being naked. Their clothes were literally painted on after all. Well, here's a video that appeals to the inner horny adolescent in all of us--or anyone who went to see Spider-Man just to ogle Tobey Maguire's buffed out and totally fuckable body.
    Hard Heroes follows the randy adventures of a group of hard bodied superheroes, the Stud Squad, as they do battle with the evil forces of Die Hard (Mason Flynt), an arch villain who uses DNA cloning technology to steal superpowers. His DNA extraction via forced ejaculation means there's male bondage aplenty.
    This is an unconventional and often downright goofy porno flick that's considerably more kinky and fetishistic than I expected. The outfitting sequence at the beginning of the video is a perfect example. It's the kind of scene Joel Schumacher would've included in Batman and Robin if that pesky MPAA would've allowed him to show George Clooney and Chris O'Donnell stuffing their cocks into their pants. In the video, we get to see the Stud Squad slipping into their costumes, the skintight spandex hugging every nook and cranny of their butts and bulging crtches. These guys clearly don't need latex padding to fill out their costumes, which were designed by porn superstar Spike. The sequence is a bit over-long, but I enjoyed every second of it. Maybe I have a fetish...
    There's really not much in the way of ordinary gay sex here. However, in the opening scene we do get to see rookie twinks Brad Taylor and Cody Cruze jerking off together while looking at porn. They barely have time to finish popping their loads before the Stud Squad is called into action. Ample butted Emmett Andrews and Jack Simmons, who acts like RuPaul having a bad hair day, take care of each other's morning wood, but their coitus is interrupted as soon as they start fucking.
    The video does run high on sexual oddities. The weirdest scene of all has Max Grand getting shrink wrapped in silver latex so that Mason Flynt can give him a hand job. Later, Brad Taylor sticks his cock through a glory hole. Die Hard's henchman (Gage Michaels) is waiting on the other side and uses a penis pump on Brad's cock. Die Hard, after some forced anal sex, uses a “mind control butt plug” to turn Andrews into his sex slave. Andrews goes down on Stud Squad leader Steve Shannon, who's been tied up with energy sapping ropes. Afterward, Flynt jerks the captive Shannon to orgasm.
    This is a Can-Am video, of course, so anyone with a wrestle fetish will find quite a bit of fight footage to enjoy. The only thing missing is the “Zap! Bop! Pow!” title cards they used to show on the old Batman series.
    The DVD extras include trailers for three other Can-Am releases and a photo slide show consisting mostly of promotional photos of the actors showing off their spandex clad physiques.
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