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Badmasterboys 13100-89 Sun Bath Saga

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DescriptionHi, IÂ’m Michael. I want to give you my version of the events of that sun-drenched spring afternoon but I fear you wonÂ’t believe me. My ordeal was caught on camera for you to witness, but first IÂ’ll tell you what happened.

It was a Saturday, my first proper day off to soak up some springtime rays and I wanted to just relax in the meadow far from the bustle of urban Bavaria. I took a picnic blanket, a book, a few beers and set off for the grassland in the car. I couldÂ’ve eaten a horse though, so I stopped for a couple of burgers on the way.

My favourite spot is only 3 km out to the east and that particular stretch of country is deserted. Only rarely have I seen another soul—usually lost. I was feeling good and looking forward to some relaxation.

The minute I had stretched my blanket over the grass and started my book I began to detect voices in the distance. Young guys, between 18 and 20 yrs old. I just buried my head in the book minding my own business but one of them approached me. He wore dark jeans, dark sneakers, a T-shirt and had straight black hair. I later learned he went by the name Dave. He barked an impertinent command at me that I should share my drinks with them. I told them to move on but this guy just helped himself to the bag I put the drinks and food in. Dave dished out all my stuff to the other guys one called Cool (ha!) the other Ryan. I was furious inside, but IÂ’m the shy type and just kept my temper figuring theyÂ’d just go away if I gave them what they want. I was wrong. 

the three youths—Mr. Cool, Dave and Ryan—started punching me shouting abusive names, calling me their slave. Dave put his foot on my head and forced my face into the grass while the others started spitting all over me. Some of it landed on my face and I can tell you it was embarassing but I didn’t fight back, I didn’t dare, I don’t want to end up in hospital.

They took the blanket from me and made me lie at the bottom of it to serve as their footrest while they ate the food that I had paid for. They couldnÂ’t stop laughing while they relentlessly spat at me covering me in saliva and half-chewed burger.

Dave asked if I was hungry and, without waiting for a response, spat half a mouthful of burger on the ground. I knew what he was going to make me do without him telling me. I put it in my mouth and ate it—humiliated.

As if it could get any worse, they took another burger out and started crushing it under their muddy shoes. They spat on it and slammed it into my face covered in dirt and grass. There was no way I was eating that, itÂ’s gross. Dave took it, smashed it into my mouth and used his shoes to force it down my throat laughing at me all the while.

After this, Mr. Cool stood up and announced that he had to piss. He stood over me and the next thing I knew, I was under a stream of urine aimed at my face. I accidently opened my mouth in shock and some of it went into my mouth. It tasted foul, but I knew if I spat it out thereÂ’d be consequences. 

They knew theyÂ’d found the perfect victim who wouldnÂ’t fight back, they had all the time in the world to enjoy it, and enjoy it they did.

Mr. Cool asked where I lived. I felt the dread wash over me; I knew they wanted to carry on their sick games in the privacy of my own house. They escorted me back to my car, but I knew it wasnÂ’t my car any longer. Mr. Cool took the wheel and David and Ryan sat menacingly either side of me. 

When they had me back at my home, they immediately made themselves comfortable on my own couch. Cool helped himself to the use of my laptop and they made me lie on the floor under their shoes and made me tongue clean their dirty soles. It was hell. The smell of sweat and dirt made me want to throw up.

I chanced a quick glimpse up at Dave and Ryan and saw them picking their noses. Ryan showed off a huge booger on his finger. Surely they wouldnÂ’t? They would never make me eat it? Then the hope faded from my mind as I realised the sort of animals I was dealing with. Cruel, sadistic bullies. Dave pulled a huge one from his nose and wiped it on the sole of his shoe. I had no choice it was going in my mouth. Mr. Cool saw how much I felt sick and wanted to get away. He merely threatened to stamp on my nose if I didnÂ’t stay quiet.

I felt like a loser. I was the toy of three young men who had only one goal: to degrade me. Next it was RyanÂ’s turn. He held his muddy soles up to my face and told me to lick from heel to toe as fast as possible. My tongue was caked in mud. Next Dave removed one of his shoes to reveal a sock which I think was supposed to be white. The bottoms were certainly far from it. I was ordered to inhale its fumes and the smell was unimaginable. I could barely breathe in this intense fog of boy-sweat. The dark-haired sadist looked pleased at how much I was suffering. The humiliation continued as I was ordered to pluck bobbles of lint from his socks and eat them.

Would this nightmare ever end? I just wanted to be left in peace. These boys were in it for the long haul though. Suddenly I found my face buried inside a stinking shoe while I hear Ryan jeer Mr. Cool on to kick my ass as hard as he could. The pain was immense.

As my face was dripping in a coat of the saliva of three young men, I was briefly allowed to go to the bathroom to wipe it off. When I returned Dave planted his ass right in my face and farted. It was long, loud and deadly. All three of them nearly with laughter.

After the smell had cleared, Mr. Cool ordered me to remove his socks with my teeth and suck out any boy-juice from the cotton. Then he ordered me to lick any debris from his feet, especially the difficult bits between the toes. I was given saliva to help me swallow. 

David and Ryan ordered my tongue out. They were debating whether to ever wash their feet again now they had a foot-fag to take care of it. I licked and sucked their feet for what felt like several hours. Sucking off every drop of the dayÂ’s sweat, swallowing any lint or sticky toe jam.

Next the boys find a new game to play. Let‘s cram all of our socks into his mouth at once and force him to drink all the sweat wringed from them. I panicked. I noticed Dave blowing his nose in a tissue. Dave noticed the fear in my eyes and nodded. “Oh yes” he was saying. Oh god, please no. Dave didn’t have any conception of mercy and he came at me with the tissue. I thought he was going to slam it in my face. He had other ideas. He put it on the floor between his feet and made me kneel down and lick the snot up while he watched. I wasn’t sure I could take this for much longer. Then I had the tissue forced into my mouth and was told to chew.

There were no bounds to the level of humiliation they seeked to impose. I was issued a fork. The fork was to be used to eat any debris left on the floor. I was given a knife. Mr. Cool made sure it was dripping with phlegm and I was to lick it.

I was again ordered to go and wash my face. But this time Mr Cool and Ryan followed me to the bathroom. I caught sight of Mr Cool unzipping his fly and I knew what was coming next. First I felt the piss coming from Cool and then from Dave. It was a powerful stream, almost as violent and aggressive as him as it shot out. My eyes stung as the acidic urine hit me in the face. Through the golden blur in my eyes I could just see two figures spitting and laughing at me. Dave hosed me down with freezing water and told me that I stink.

I lay in the foetal position in my bath, freezing cold, shaking, smelling of urine and utterly humiliated. I heard the front door slam. They had left without a word.


Want to see this story in real life? Since a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. The Sunbathing Saga is unmissable. The camera work shows the action in minute detail Michael being utterly crushed by Master Cool, Master David and Master Ryan. 36 minutes of amazing action from start to finish!

50% Sneaks, Socks & Feet, 50% Humiliation, Piss & Spit
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