♺ Tickle Abuse- Naked Torture

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-04-29 |
Alec tickle tortured by Troy: "This video is pretty brutal, just a warning! Both guys are naked and Troy is determined to totally break and humiliate Alec, break him so badly that he wont think to mess with Troy again. Alec starts face up, Troy begins with some feather teasing all over his body, his cock too. Alec is starting to show signs already that he is not going to make it. Too bad, Troy is just getting warmed up. Troy puts the feather away and punishes Alec with oil and fingers, brush too on the feet. Alec is hanging in there but he has had enough and asks Troy to start. Again, Troy is just getting started. Troy gets the vibrating wand, Alec has no idea what he is going to do it with it but he knows it cant be good. Troy puts the vibrator on Alec's balls and he goes insane, he cannot believe how much it tickles and how badly he wants it to stop. Troy keeps going, Alec is in serious despair and begs and pleads. Troy will not stop! Troy finally gives him a little break, but its time for round too. Alec is strapped down ass up, Troy puts the electric toothbrush on Alec's asscrack, again, Alec is losing it and desperately wants it to all end. Troy gets the vibrator again too, applying it to Alec's balls as he tickles his ass with the toothbrush. Alec is tickled to tears, totally spent, totally surrendering to Troy. "
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