Jet Set Jocks - Andrew Blue & Kevin Cavalli from Big Dick Mechanics

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Description“Big Dick” Josh Logan is the owner of this full service auto repair shop. He’s proud that his guys know what the customers want and need. Kevin’s customer is Andrew who wants to see “Big Dick”. But Kevin assures him “Big Dick” has taught him everything and that he can help him. There is nothing wrong with the car, but Andrew insists on seeing “Big Dick”. Kevin gets Andrew’s big dick out and strokes it. Andrew’s shirt comes off and his pants go down, and Kevin goes to work on Andrew’s dick, sucking and licking it. It feels good. “This is what I call good service.” Kevin asks him, “Is this the kind of service you wanted?” Kevin taks his shirt off and his pants down, while Andrew strips the rest of the way. Andrew goes down on his knees to suck Kevin’s equally big cock, while stroking his own at the same time. There’s a little “chokin’ with the strokin’” from Andrew, as he bobs up and down on Kevin’s cock and licks his balls as well. Kevin lies back in a chair to get his ass worked on, with Andrew alternating between eating his ass and sucking his dick. With a leg spread out up on the desk, Kevin is ready for Andrew to turn around and straddle him, sliding Kevin’s dick up his ass and bouncing up and down on it. “Aw fuck that ass, ah yeah, ah yeah,” he moans. He’s forgotten all about his car. Andrew lies on his back on the desk, one leg in the air so that Kevin can stand and slam his “big dick” into him. “Fuck me just like that,” he says, getting just what he wanted and cums getting fucked. He then sits down on the floor to take Kevin face fucking his mouth and finally cumming on his chest.
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