Raw Underground Paris Vol 1 + Bonus Scene

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DescriptionScene 1: Loaded and Crammed by Three Sexy Hunks

In the opening scene, ERIC sets himself up for an anonymous gangbang, waiting sprawled out and ass-up on the bed. One by one, three super-hot topmen in nothing but latex masks come through the door to join in the frenzy of fucking and sucking, swapping spit and cum, deepfucking ERIC's ass and throat. The scene turns into a true orgy as the masked studs take pleasure in rimming and sucking off each other, leaving no hole unfilled and no cock untended.

In the end, though, ERIC and his used, puckered asshole take center stage again, practically begging for another spurt of white-hot manjuice with each throbbing palpitation.

Scene 2: Bred and Crammed by a German Stallion

Crossing international lines, ERIC starts out giving a genital massage to a German tourist he met recently. It's not long before he's "massaging" the Aryan stud's impressive uncut cock and ass with his lips and tongue. As he continues to slurp away, ERIC shoves as many fingers up his own asshole as he can to get ready for the pounding he's about to take. The sight of ERIC's voracious ass is too much for the other man, and he dives in for a taste of that irresistible hole before he's finally ready to plug it.

The German stallion rides ERIC relentlessly in different positions. He takes a break from the powerfucking to have ERIC sit on his face. After sampling his fill, he goes right back to drilling that sweet French ass with his tool. Finally he pulls out to shoot his load all over ERIC's ass, but even that isn't enough for the horniest cockwhore in France -- ERIC keeps moaning with need, until the other man's cock is stuffed in his hole once more.

Scene 3: Rudy Is Plowed and Seeded by Two Hot Guys

When things are real, they don't always go perfectly or as planned. Eric (who doesn't appear in this scene) arranged for two hot guys to fuck beautiful young RUDY. After meeting up in a parking lot, the two guys arrive to find RUDY waiting for them, already naked on the bed. The older guy shows off his technique immediately as he works RUDY's hole with his tongue and lips. On the other hand, the young thug he brought along is rough around the edges, eager and self-conscious at the same time. The action is a little stop and go as the three of them try to find their groove with each other. After trying different things, RUDY finally gets comfortable lying on his back with the thug's cock down his throat while the other guy alternately fucks his ass and eats it out; with a little help from his own hand, his cum splashes out at last.

Though not an ideal fuck session, this scene is definitely worth watching despite that -- or maybe even because of it.

Scene 4: Loaded Like a Bastard by Dimitry

Dressed for business, DIMITRY was all about pleasure when he dropped in to see ERIC. After a little kissing and groping, the kid settled onto the bed to put on a show for the camera, teasing and stroking himself through his clothing before he whipped out his cock.

What was supposed to be a solo turned into a hot fuck session when ERIC, unable to stay behind the scenes, joined DIMITRY on the bed and left the camera rolling.

Scene 5: Seeded by Handsome Tommy

HANDSOME TOMMY knows what he wants and ERIC gives it to him, greeting the young thug at the door by going to his knees, wrapping his lips around TOMMY's meat, and zealously choking himself on it. The blowjob continues as the action jumps to the bed, interrupted only when TOMMY pulls ERIC up for a little kissing.

Warmed up by ERIC's talented mouth, TOMMY's ready to fuck. Standing on the floor now, he uses ERIC's body for leverage as he rams his cock home repeatedly. Back on the bed, TOMMY fucks ERIC this way and that. (If you aren't too wrapped up in how fuckin' hot they are, you may notice that the front, rear, and profile "angles" are achieved by the guys position themselves on the bed rather than moving the camera; a nice, creative touch).

As it should, the scene comes to a close with a close-up of ERIC's gaping asshole, dripping TOMMY's cum with each pulsation.

Bonus Scene: Hellboy Breeds Eric

As a bonus, ERIC offered us this scene with hirsute young thug HELLBOY, who squirts load after load after load into ERIC's ravenous hole...and keeps going!

The camerawork may be a little rough in places, as if the camera itself is one of Eric's Parisian thugs, but there are also some new and interesting angles -- and more importantly, the enthusiasm and genuine connections among these European fuckers more than makes up for any lack of polish. This is, after all, the RAW UNDERGROUND.

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