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From the press notes, courtesy of Spunk Video:
"Eastern European studs in hot pissing, flogging, bareback fucking...and even shrimping action!

Vaclav is waiting for Erik to arrive, and he's pissed. His little fuck toy is late, and he'll have to teach the boy a lesson. Vaclav is hunky power top, with just the right amount of muscle on his 6'2" frame. Erik finally shows up, and Vaclav immediately pushes him down and forces him to engage in a little shrimping. Erik caresses each toe licking and sucking, while Vaclav pours his drink on Erik's face in a prelude of the drowning in cum and piss he's gonna get. Then Vaclav grabs a flogger and starts beating the poor boy's butt, softening him up for the raw fuck he's about to take. Erik clearly loves being abused and dominated as his cock is rock hard, while Vaclav's large meat pokes out of his tighty whities. Vaclav treats Erik roughly as he spits in his hole and lubes it ready for the pounding he is to receive. Grabbing Erik's hair, he pushes his mouth onto his engorged member, getting it ready to slide in Erik's dry hole. Vaclav pulls Erik up, and pushes his hole onto his cock. Erik closes his eyes and strokes his own dick as Vaclav's large cock penetrates him. You can just tell from look on his face how good that monster feels inside him. Erik rides that dick until Vaclav pushed him off, and forces Erik's mouth on it, for some ass-to-mouth action. Vaclav then gets Erik on his back, and transfers his cock back and forth between Erik's mouth and ass, until he can hold back no more, and shoots a huge load all over and in Erik's mouth. He then bends over and squeezes the left over spunk into Erik's mouth. Now it's Erik's turn to nut, and Vaclav reaches down to catch the hot cum spurting from Erik's own impressive meat. Then Vaclav licks the collected sperm off his hand, and proceeds to "snowball" it back into Erik's mouth, dripping it slowly in. I love the shot of Vaclav and Erik tethered by a cum rope. Erik swills the collected cum in his mouth, mixing their DNA together, before swallowing into his belly. But the fluid fun has just begun, as Vaclav then showers Erik with his hot piss, squirting it all over Erik's beautiful six pack and all the way up and down his body on onto his face. Erik loves the whiz bath he's getting and he rubs the liquid gold all over his body. The action then moves into the bathroom, where it turns out our Vaclav loves to get his own piss bath as well. Titan-Top turns into piss-whore-bottom as Erik gives Vaclav a taste of his own medicine. Vaclav takes Erik's urine in his mouth, and swooshes it out, gushing all over his chin, and down his muscled chest. Of course, Erik can't help but want more hot pee, and Vaclav lets loose with another strong stream right into Erik's open gaping mouth. He too gushes out his trap and all over his body as well. The wet action in this scene is simply awesome.

Jakub gets into domination scenes, and Lukas is a natural born submissive bottom. Together they play like the filthy fuckers they are. They start out with Jakub demanding oral worship, and Lukas provides a tongue bath. After some furious face fucking, Lukas works down to the feet and does a little shrimping with Jakub's big toe. Then Jakub flips Lukas over and starts eating out his hole. But the submission scene is just beginning as Jakub grabs a cat-o-nine tails and starts flaying away as Lukas' ass, alternatively with rimming. Ah, the rimming and the flaying, the pleasure of getting your hole licked mixed with pain of getting your butt beaten. In fact the butt beating gets Lukas so worked up he can't hold it anymore, and has to jerk-his own load out. Jakub licks up the load and snowballs it back into Lukas' mouth. Jakub works the last of Lukas' load out of his dick, and snowballs again for good measure. But the nastiness between these boys is just beginning, as now it's time for Lukas to take some fluid up his ass. Jakub reaches over and gets an anal spike filled with water, and inserts in into Lukas' hole. He gives it a good squeeze to fill up the boy pussy, and then commands the bottom to squirt the butt juice on the top's chest and abs. He repeats this nasty enema play several times until Lukas's hole is squeaky clean and reading for a good raw fucking. Jakub takes charge of Lukas' ass, sticking his cock in and out, abusing it, and making Lukas give him ATM action. Jakub then fucks him good in all kinds of positions, and delivers his load in Lukas' open and willing mouth. Then, to complete Lukas's subjugation, Jakub unloads his hot piss stream, all over Lukas' chest and body.

These guys are frat boys who get a little too frisky. Big dick Fran decides he needs a little action, and his buddy whose studying will do the trick. Fran pushes Tibor's head down on his book and sticks his 9 inch dick right in his mouth. But Fran is a versatile guy, and he loves to put stuff in his mouth and ass to. He sucks Tibor, rims him, and then proceeds to lick his feet. The he reaches for a flogger, and tenderizes Tibor's ass. But it's Fran who first gets fucked, as he pulls Tibor off the table and commands the beaten boy to fuck him. Fran it turns out is one big dicked bottom, as his massive meat is hard the entire time he's getting plugged. But as I said, Fran is versatile, and so he's got to get a taste of ass on his cock. He flips Tibor over, and slams his massive nine inch meat in. Tibor is clearly in pain, but loving every minute of it. Fran uses Tibor's hole, getting every inch of his meat in, and then pulls out so he can deliver his load in Tibor's mouth. The boys "clean-up" by drenching each other in hot piss.

Jiri is a real bottom pig, who loves to be used and abused. We found a hunky guy named Bo to fill that need. They give us shrimping, flogging, cum-eating, bareback fucking."
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