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Info by STAFF : Original on 2009-05-14 23:05:09

5'8" - 21 Years Old
Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue
Interesting Fact:
Stocky Ohio Guy Gets Naked

Caden works as a stripper at a local "Ladies Only" club in Cleveland, Ohio. But I don't think he does it for the fifty bucks he earns on a regular night. I think he does it for the pussy.
As he was waiting for the camera to be set up in the lobby, he told me about his past weekends conquests and once it was rolling, I had him walk back through the 3 girls he bedded down:
from the married recent mom "latino" girl on friday to the "cute little blond" he fucked in his car on saturday to tearing it up 3 times with a girl with "big ass titties" on monday.

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