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Joshua Goodman vs Rio Garza

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DescriptionRio Garza has a gravitational pull all his own. Anything that this internationally renowned fitness model and magazine coverboy touches seems to immediately turn to gold. He can barely keep count of his underwear modeling contracts, fitness competition championships, and the number of celebrities lining up for his personal training services. Voted Jobber of the Year two years running, even when he loses, which is almost every time he climbs into the wrestling ring, the sight of his aesthetic perfection and dazzling beauty trounced over and over again seems to do nothing but stoke his fans hotter and hotter for more and more! Rio's rising profile also seems to bring out the worst in his opponents. Whether it's jealousy or whether his pristine beauty simply triggers some primal need to conquer, our wrestlers regularly line up for a chance to beat the pretty right out of Rio.

Mr. Joshua Goodman, believe it or not, was not one of those wrestlers begging The Boss for a chance to bash hunky Rio. In fact, we had to explain to Joshua who Rio is, because the only underground wrestler/fitness model Mister Joshua has ever heard of is... Mr. Joshua Goodman. When we showed him photos of Rio, Mr. J just shrugged and said, "cute kid." But when we explained that Rio is an international fitness star, Mr. Joshua snapped to attention. "That little piece of fluff calls himself a star!? Are you shitting me? I'm the only wrestling fitness star around here! Bring that bitch right here, right now!"

When Joshua arrives to discover Rio admiring his exquisitely beautiful proportions in the ring, Mr. J cannot help but study and admire the impressive view as well. Grudgingly. "You're supposed to be the rising star?" he barks at Rio. "You haven't risen nearly high enough yet to fight a REAL star. What, they think that since you've got pretty hair, pretty face, pretty abs... okay, I'll admit, you've got good skin. But you haven't developed NEARLY enough muscle!" Joshua then proceeds to demonstrate what he's talking about by flexing his own well-sculpted muscle in front of Rio's championship winning physique.

However, when the body-beautiful Mexican model smirks cloyingly and then proceed to bounce his pretty pecs at him, Mr. Joshua seems to snap. Posing is one thing - many a wrestler tries to intimidate his opponent with a threatening pre-bell display of muscular might. But popping your quite possible superior pecs in another muscle guy's face? Well, that seems to be an affront Mr. J refuses to countenance! He stuns the underwear model with a chop to the chest and drops him to the mat with a clothesline. Standing on top of the pretty boy's torso, he flexes while Rio writhes and kicks in agony underneath him.

One of our most prolific and most popular wrestlers, Mr. Joshua has heard it all before. He's seen more than his fair share of one-hit-wonders and would-be pretty boy posers. "You're supposed to be some star?" he asks, scooping Rio up into his arms and slamming him down into a spine-snapping over-the-knee backbreaker. "That's what they said about The Centerpiece, Jobe. But I kicked his ass too. I showed him who's boss!" Indeed he did. Mr. Joshua's longevity at the very top of the ranks of BG East stars is no fluke. He won his place at the top of the BGE heap the old fashioned way: He earned it!Joshua Goodman is a master multitasker. His running trash-talk commentary doesn't slow his devastating wrestling offense in the least. He focuses his early attention on Rio's pride-and-joy six pack abs, clawing, punching, kicking and even trampling the fitness star's gut with single-minded purposefulness. Trapping Rio in the ropes, he yanks hard on the underwear model's trunks as he rains down pounding blow after pounding blow. "When I get done with them, those abs aren't going to look so pretty!" he promises.

But Mr. Joshua is only the latest in a long line of brutal opponents who've attempted to beat the pretty right out of the devastatingly pretty Rio Garza. With Rio's superhuman conditioning and high tolerance for pain, the deceptively beautiful hunk soaks up astonishing quantities of punishment while resisting the temptation to submit. When Joshua pries Rio's hotly muscled legs apart and continues raining fists into his picture perfect abs, the Mexican fitness model suddenly rolls up and lands a vicious punch to Joshua's most prominent protruberance, his legendarily pendulous package. With Mr. Joshua writhing in agony, coyly, Rio rallies. He traps his raging opponent's head between his legs and folds Joshua up, pinning his shoulders and forcing the stunned stud to submit. Shock AND Awe! To say that Mr. J is stunned is a gem of nuanced understatement!

Rio smirks as he climbs to his feet. Dishing out humiliating punishment is certainly a whole lot sweeter than where Rio typically finds himself. With renewed confidence and, dare we say it, even cockiness about him, Rio flexes domineeringly overtop of his writhing opponent as the rocked and reeling Mr. Joshua struggles to climb to his hands and knees.

Perhaps Rio should have been satisfied with renewed confidence, because cockiness is just asking for trouble. Joshua is nothing if not ready to open up a whole lot of trouble, starting with a revenge sucker punch to Rio's family jewels. "You want to be a star? You got to take some pain!" Joshua explains, attacking Rio's rocking body joint by joint. Ripping him apart at the knees and shoulders, it's personal for Joshua now. He strips Rio's trunks off, revealing tiny bikini briefs, and then forces the fitness model to flex and pose as he grimaces in agony in a muscle ripping lat claw. Just in case Rio takes consolation in how sexy he looks in his underwear, Joshua strips to his underwear as well to unveil his not-so-secret weapon, the masterpiece, that BGE Award Winning Bulge, 2 years running. "I'm looking as big and ripped as I ever have!" Joshua marvels at his own stunning physique.

Joshua sets out not just to pummel and punish lovely Rio. He's determined to humiliate him so thoroughly that he doesn't dare show his gorgeous face when Mr. Joshua is around. Forcing the bashed hunk to flex, prying him off the mat by his beautiful hair and a handful of his wedgied underwear (revealing Rio's hot glutes in the process), Joshua crushes both Rio's body and his soul - literally spitting in disgust on the bronzed beauty's bashed body! Beautiful Rio has never been brought so low! And what a joy it is to behold.
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