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Cops, firefighters, military grunts, quarterbacks and construction workers -- a heady collection of conventional butch types, and the inspiration for hundreds of gay skin flicks. Put all those films together, and you've got an impressive iconography, one steeped in pure testosterone. So where does a gay erotic film about artists belong in that spectrum? "Mount Me" isn't fluffy or frilly, nor does it set out to establish the visual artist as the next hot fantasy figure. With its simple plot, "Mount Me" might just have you taking a second look at men at the neighborhood art gallery.

Mr. Jason Harley's ass is a remarkable work of art all on its own. Airbrushing the twin muscles with blue paint flecked with gold glitter merely point up the fact that Jason is blessed. Using skin as canvas, Aaron Ashford, an attractive lad with a sexy British accent, practices his craft, hoping to make a splash at the gallery opening. Surprisingly, he's not distracted by Jason's nudity. Working only a few inches from such flawless naked skin would make mischief for even the most pious and dedicated artist.

It's up to Jason to break the ice. All that air and paint blowing near his balls and itchy hole has put Jason in the mood, so when he teases with a fully-erect prick, creating art is temporarily put on hold. Jason stands on a platform two feet off the floor, and Aaron sucks and slurps his model, carefully avoiding grabbing Jason's ass while he gives head for fear of ruining his own work in progress. It would be comical if it wasn't so damned erotic; Aaron forces himself to keep hands at his side, trying to get as much of Jason in his mouth as possible without compulsively grabbing his ass. When the cheeks of Jason's ass are dry enough to touch, the first thing Aaron wants to do is rim. He parts Jason's muscular cheeks and goes crazy, flicking his tongue over the pink center. After a few minutes of reciprocal sucking and rimming, Jason makes a play for Aaron's ass, excitedly boning his buddy. Each new position gives the viewer another opportunity to appreciate the artwork plastered on Jason's backside. His pecs flex exquisitely when he blows his spunk on Aaron's chest.

Anybody who creates art will tell you that stillness and silence are crucial. Jason Kingsley slides into that groove, intently creating with propane torch in hand. The cumbersome welder's mask makes him seem even that much more imposing. However his lover Jed Wilcox has no problem roping all that creative energy and directing it exactly where he wants it. The way these two carry on, groping and kissing, makes you wonder what may be going on off-camera. There's a tangible intensity to the foreplay. These models are beautifully matched. They have almost a fraternal quality; both have solid physiques, achingly stiff pricks and an eagerness to please. When Jason sucks Jed, he's visibly torn between his need to get as much of Jed in his mouth as he can, and his need to jerk his own meat. I loved the angles the models were filmed in. They're often shot from below, making their thighs and chest look that much more massive. Even though they slow down the pace when they start fucking, the intensity remains constant. This was an excellent opportunity to study Jason's perfect obliques. They flex mightily as he rocks his dick in and out of Jed's ass. No matter which way the camera pans, the view is dick stirring. Jason may look even hotter getting fucked. He props his leg in such a way that his glutes snap to, making a nasty pillow for Jed to slam up against. Near the end of the scene, Jason puts himself back in the driver's seat. Their cum looks especially spicy, two loads coating the hinges of Jed's sweaty crotch.

Forget about noble artistic aspirations. For Joey Milano, the phrase "art photographer" is just something to print on a business card. A camera looped around his neck lends him all the cache he needs to get his models into wicked and vulnerable situations, all for the sake of "art." Jason Ridge and blond Matthew Green arrive at Joey's studio hoping to help a friend create some lasting images for the upcoming gallery opening. They're asked to strip in front of a blank tarp, and then express themselves freely with a variety of paint. The result is something considerably less than Jackson Pollock ( hxxp://JacksonPollock.com ) on his worst day, but Joey does manage to snap some pictures of two horny men using paint as lube.

Matthew isn't shy about kneeling in front of Jason (a very popular porn name, at least in this film) and slicking up his cock with spit. The temperature climbs in the studio and Joey subtly unbuttons his chinos, preparing to make this a three-way. All pretense of photography abandoned, he picks up where Matthew leaves off, getting on his knees and working over Jason's dick. This frees up Matthew, who climbs atop a stepladder, a perfect position for Jason to orally service him. Both Matthew and Joey take turns bottoming for Jason. I found it considerably distracting that Matthew keeps his bright blue T-shirt on for the entire scene. He unwittingly ends up being the centerpiece of all the action. Unfortunately, he isn't enough to carry the scene and the scene suffers for it. Eventually he isolates himself in a corner and cranks his cock watching Joey and Jason get it on. Sparks fly between these two, Joey's upper lip curling when Jason picks up the pace. Voyeur Matthew shoots an incredible, messy load, expertly keeping all of it off the T-shirt. Jason and Joey follow suit.

Escorted through the gallery during its opening, Bobby Williams reminds us that you can take the guy out of the small town, but the real challenge is taking the small town out of the guy. To Bobby, modern art is puzzling and amusing. Quickly bored, he makes his own fun assaulting one of the live airbrushed models (Marco Pirelli). The airbrushing is obviously Aaron Ashford's work, but here Aaron's managed to completely paint Marco's exotic frame. Bobby makes the art interactive, dipping Marco's dick into his champagne flute, and then sucking it. Marco's aroused cock is all it takes for Bobby to completely throw caution to the wind. He strips down and makes a meal of it, chowing down while beating his own meat. Bobby and Marco camp out on the other artists' exhibits, making a flat space so they can 69. All that simultaneous sucking was just gettin' good when Bobby forces Marco into a crouched position, fucking the shit out of him. Marco eventually ends up on his side, batting his long eyelashes at bad-guy Bobby while he's getting dicked. He seems to really come alive when Bobby puts it to him roughly. When they've finished, their combined sweat and cum have completely destroyed the body art.

I was pleased to see Studio 2000 credit the real artists whose work was seen throughout the film. And while I don't see a flood of artist-inspired porn coming anytime soon, "Mount Me" takes some of the too-serious starch out of the artists' image. The scene not to be missed is the electric pairing of Jed Wilcox and Jason Kingsley. It's never clear to me where these models emigrated from, but their sing-song accents add some sexy spice to the proceedings.

DVD features: Chapters; galleries; bloopers; cast bios (stats and videographies); trailers ("Card Tricks" and "Body Shots"); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

A DVD Review by Rick Forrent ( hxxp://www.ManNet.com )

*** Highly Recommended ***

Starring Jason Harley, Jed Willcox, Jason Ridge, Jason Kingsley, Joey Milano, Marco Pirelli, Bobby Williams, Aaron Ashford and Matthew Green.

Directed by John Travis.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

A Studio 2000 DVD.
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