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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-09-07 |
YMAC: Anywhere Anytime

Released 1985


A pre-condom classic finally released on DVD! Fans of YMAC and producer/director Larry Bronco will know to expect hot twinks in scorching "retro" action. While not as crisp as "modern" DVD's, it's nice to have classic like this one available in digital format. The camera work is pretty decent, and while the lighting isn't studio bright like modern porn there's a great "feel" to this this movie, both visually and erotically. There's no plot, no dialogue, no posing, and no bullshit. Just hot guys doing what feels good. A music soundtrack covers most of the natural sound with just a few exceptions. Don't expect many moans and groans here!

We're treated to a brief outdoor three way, before the action transitions to bathroom. Three young guys in the bathtub suck and fuck before shooting nice loads. All are smooth and pretty toned.

An unexpected snowfall adds atmosphere as two hotties enjoy a frolic in the outdoor hot tub. The hot frothy water steams as the wet flakes shower down upon our two horny lads. There's some brief oral action before the guys towel off and head inside. One begins to suck off the other. Another pair of guys who also engage in some oral fun joins them. Eventually things heat up even more when the two couples combine and get down to some serious foreplay. The fucking is great - not as polished as a modern scene might be, but passionate and perhaps all the more a turn-on due to the timeless appeal that sex has. Fucking is fucking, no matter what the decade!

Three boys begin with a circle jerk by the pool. It will come as no surprise that they take turns bobbing heads on hard dicks. The poolside action merely serves as foreplay before the main event in the bedroom (although inexplicably it's nighttime once they move to the bedroom). The guys settle down into some hot action on the bed, taking turns sucking and fucking with seeming abandon. Seeing these lean smooth bodies giving and taking pleasure is sure to arouse even the most jaded porn viewer! The only drawback to this scene is one unfortunate camera angle, where the top has one arm leaning on the bed. The camera angle blocks the view of the penetration!! Luckily it doesn't last very long, and there's ample opportunity to view hot young bare cock plowing that tight ass.

Another hotel room due rounds out the movie. This is a highly sensual duo, with soft lighting (highlighted by the natural light coming from the windows, adding a dramatic silhouette effect for most of the scene). Both guys have great bodies, with the camera angle showing off the flat stomach and lean firm bod of the top best of all. Both guys then j/o to a rousing climax.
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