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French Twinks - Pornstars Apprentices

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Description#1 Gorgeous hunks exhib
Full length: 21 minutes (2013-10-30)

Models: Romain, Theo Ford

The first seven boys selected by the production to star in “Apprentis Pornstars” have arrived by limousine at Mas Cocoon (A Gay Guesthouse in France).  They get to know each other and get ready for whats in store. After they arrive, they have their makeup and waxing done in a beauty session! The boys later are chained up in a sexy photo shoot and begin to acknowledge  they should put their feet. It is heating up in here.

Theo and Romain seem to have a thing for each other, and it was proposed to turn that into the first scene. So, of course, we had the beautiful Theo and the steamy Romain on the terrace in the sun exhibiting their manly bodies whilst being watched by voyeurs Eddy and young Camille.

#2 Three young twinks
Full length: 20 minutes (2013-10-31)

Models: Camille Kenzo, Eddy, Max

While Romain and Theo were showing off their bodies in the sun, Eddy and Camille gazing over are horny and cannot wait for a hot session. They lead Max into a threesome  the roles are reversed and Max will be top for the first time in his life.

The 20 year old twink fuck's Camille and he loves it! Hot, beautiful guys with; deep penetrations, a stream of spunk, all the ingredients are there in this second episode of the saga... and it has only just begun!

#3 A yummy twink ass for three buddies
Full length: 19 minutes (2013-11-01)

Models: Sacha, Romain, Theo Ford, Enzo

For his first scene Enzo, the youngest of the group, starts strong by attacking Theo, Romain and Sacha in a hot fourway. The 18 year old twink will be getting fucked and Theo likes doing it rough.

Enzo alleges he enjoys “painful love” and will be disappointed! Romain is occupied with him and Sacha, all the while with his friend, Theo. Enzo takes two big dicks in his mouth and ends up with a double facial cumshot.

#4 Fuck me in the attic
Full length: 21 minutes (2013-11-02)

Models: Sacha, Camille Kenzo

Camille is always eager for new experiences, this time that resulted in Sacha offering his ass. The dandy perfect stud couldn't ask for better and takes the twink and fucks him with a burning passion.

After fucking Camille in every position, Sacha finishes with a superb facial cumshot and covers the twink’s angelic face with an impressive amount of sperm.

#5 Sex in the gym
Full length: 18 minutes (2013-11-03)

Models: Camille Kenzo, Romain

Most boys are exhausted after a long day of shooting, but Romain is alone in the gym and gives himself some pleasure whilst he is on is his own with a dildo. Alerted by the groaning, Camille doesn’t stray far from the action, he satisfies his curiosity and surprises Romain in the process of pleasuring himself.

It is natural that the young countryman “offers a helping hand” to his comrade and gave him a handjob. The scene quickly becomes extremely hot and hard, Romain is having a field day with Camille and fucks him in various acrobatic positions. The twink couldn't want to enjoy his ass more, it’s visibly the first time in his life he has reached a climax and is trembling. He was astonished at his new sensation.

#6 Hard fuck on the pool table
Full length: 21 minutes (2013-11-09)

Models: Camille Kenzo, Eddy, Theo Ford

A pool party is organised in the living room and under the eyes of his friends, Theo acted on his irresistible urge to grab Camille and lay him on the table to better appreciate his ass.

Of course, the boys that attended the scene cannot do anything and that’s why Eddy, excited, starts to have anal sex with Camille with his 8 inch dick! There is incredible energy in the scene especially in the unusual positions the present in. Camille bites the pool ball to withstand the attacks of his two partners.

#7 Orgy in the garden
Full length: 20 minutes (2013-11-17)

Models: Sacha, Camille Kenzo, Eddy, Max, Theo Ford

On a beautiful sunny day we decided to install our cameras in the garden and what we proposed to all volunteers was to regroup for an insane group scene with Sacha, Theo, Camille, Max and Eddy. None were late to join in and the temperature rises very quickly. Theo fucks Max doggy style in the grass, and max is sucked off by Sacha; while Eddy fucks Camille powerfully.

If the boys are hot and had truly suffered from the heat, they have all given their best once again. Camille, who never visibly, decided to relax after this event… fucking himself with a dildo in the living room.

#8 Twinks threeway
Full length: 22 minutes (2013-11-29)

Models: Sacha, Enzo, Max

This morning, Enzo, Max and Sacha got up early to shoot an explosive threeway. Who will be top, which will be bottom? We allow them to choose for themselves. The boys get their makeup done and prepare in an atmosphere that is full of laughter. Camille joins them and soon falls into the excitement in a relaxed atmosphere. He fucks himself with a suction dildo attached to Enzo’s back.  Although Camille would have liked to be part of this scene, Camille isincluded in this program and thus had to relieve himself with his own hand in the Sauna.

The temperature rises in the room as with our three beautiful twinks, after their warm ups they get to the action. Sacha takes care of Max’s ass while Enzo greedily sucks on Max’s dick.

#9 Hard fucked against gym ladder
Full length: 18 minutes (2013-12-07)

Models: Eddy, Theo Ford

It’s the last day of shooting for Eddy and Sacha, who are forced to return to their day jobs. Three new boys will therefore be taking over and complimenting the team and excitment is really at its peak before welcoming the blues. To end this beauty session, Eddy offers Theo to fuck him hard against the sun chair. Eddy’s interest will be to cling to the bars because as usual the beautiful stallion willspare him!

Romain, Camille and Enzo are dedicated to welcoming Tristan, Patrice and Renaud, the three newcomers who are quick to understand what their new roles are going to be.

#10 Two very hot twinks
Full length: 18 minutes (2013-12-14)

Models: Renaud, Max

Renaud, Tristan and Patrice,  all three are new members of our “Apprentis Pornstars” cast and take full advantage of getting to know our team, fitting straight in. With some fresh friendships starting to come alight between them, they are ready to take to action. Although Renaud appears to be just an innocent twink. He has brought along leather harnesses, tape and other kinky fetish items his luggage for those who fans of hardcore sex.

He will prove himself in his very first shooting that he is a dominant top with Max and then goes to mount each of his partners in the next level in order to achieve his fantasies.

#11 Hunks battle round I
Full length: 22 minutes (2013-12-16)

Models: Anthony Cruz, Theo Ford

Tristan and Theo are both very playful and dominating tops. After heated and teasing times, the two hunks fight for their next scene to see who fuck who and who will submit to the other. To make things clear, Theo and Tristan fight in a fierce battle at the poolside.

A beautiful and very hot scene without any inhibitions or restraint slapping, spitting... Sex!

#12 Blowjob and fingering under the sun
Full length: 18 minutes (2013-12-24)

Models: Patrice, Camille Kenzo

Patrice, the beautiful dark skinned hunk with a huge cock, sunbathes for a while and enjoys getting sucked off by Camille. His 23 cm (9 inches) of hard dick are definitelyeasy to get completely in his mouth and the novice seems like he might dislocate his jaw.

After sucking one another, Patrice plays with Camille’s little ass and fingers him until climaxing. An awesome cum shot follows from the twink who moans with pleasure under the expert hands of Patrice.

#13 Twinks passion
Full length: 16 minutes (2014-01-01)

Models: Renaud, Enzo

There is a passion between the young Enzo, who is 18 and Renaud, our dominating master. The two twinks are having a field day on the sofa in their conservatory. A mix of tenderness, sensuality and sex between the two smooth twinks who are hard for each other.

Renaud quickly takes control of everything and takes care of the Enzo’s tight hole, all the while he is crying like a virgin whilst being fucked forcefully but also with passion.

#14 Hunks battle round II
Full length: 18 minutes (2014-01-05)

Models: Anthony Cruz, Theo Ford

This morning the very sporty Theo leads his friends, who have just woke up, into doing a aerobics session in the garden. Throughout the warmth, Tristan keeps looking at Theo in an almost menacing way. The hunk has obviously decided to take revenge after he was dominated by Theo previously. Suddenly Tristan jumps on Theo in an attempt to make him fall over.

There’s a struggle between these two men with dominant cocks. There is slapping, spitting and sweating as it is an intense scene and the air is full of rivalry that can be seen in the other’s eyes. Who will win this time?

#15 Three horny and crazy twinks
Full length: 20 minutes (2014-01-23)

Models: Enzo, Camille Kenzo, Renaud

Enzo, Camille and Renaud, the three twinks who are raging and crazy from the Apprentice Pornstars, engage in a very hot threesome! Renaud will enter the two young countrymen in turns whilst Camille will blow his friend Enzo between two games of 69ing and fingering.

Beneath their innocent surface, these youngsters have hot slender bodies, are hairless fuckers and nothing scares them.

#16 Cellar trip and submission
Full length: 20 minutes (2014-02-06)

Models: Patrice, Theo Ford, Renaud

Patrice prepared to take action and ordered Romain to suck his dick as a condition before the shooting of the scene in the basement, he was in his perverse mode and wanted to be dominate and make Romain submissive.

Whilst Theo and Patrice are sucking each other off in the darkness of the basement and try to submit to one another in turn. Renaud appeared, wearing his dominating body harness and directly spits into Theo’s mouth and then is the master of fucking. The twink who is hardly half the weight of Theo, uses all his energy to bring the giant to his feet… But Theo and Patrice eventually turn against him and throw him on the ground, sit on his face and it ends with a degrading facial.

#17 Two dicks for Camille
Full length: 19 minutes (2014-03-26)

Models: Camille Kenzo, Theo Ford, Renaud

After talking to all his friends throughout the week, it is time for Camille to carry out his promises... and to take two dicks at once.

Theo and Renaud are promising to give this new experience to the young twink themselves. A glorious double penetration, with such a strong rhythm and really deep, Camille will never be able to forget the feeling and he will definitely want to do it again!

#18 Sexual roles inversion
Full length: 20 minutes (2014-08-07)

Models: Theo Ford, Camille Kenzo

After several days of filming boys know each other well and it's a very good ambiance in the house. Camille, always energetic and full of ideas is looking for a new sexual challenge that he hasyet achieved. He decides then to take his revenge on Theo, the muscular top man of the adventure, by making him a submissive bottom.

Camille surprises Theo in the kitchen and sprinkles him with whipped cream as a sign of provocation. Faced with so much motivation and desire, Theo takes the game and acceptss to be dominated and to offer his beautiful ass to the young twink ... Although he's a bottom, Theo willforget to remind who's the alpha male of the group by ending with a huge facial cumshot on the face of Camille.

#19 Domination of submissive twink
Full length: 20 minutes (2014-09-27)

Models: Renaud, Enzo

After several days of shooting a real affinity has born between Enzo and Renaud and the twink now feels ready to follow the beginner S&M master in his fantasies.

As a total submissive bottom, Enzo is tied and blindfolded and will be spanked, fingered and penetrated with a dildo before giving up this experience that makes him uncomfortable, and asks for a plan more in line with his desire of sensuality and passion.

#20 Very hard trip
Full length: 25 minutes (2014-10-10)

Models: Anthony Cruz, Patrice

During a crazy pool party, the boys are all naked playing, fighting and some get closer in this wet ambiance. Max and Tristan go to the sauna to be alone and start sucking before playing with dildo on the poolside.

Over the days Tristan and Patrice have developed a certain complicity and started playing out their most innermost fantasies in a hot scene and Tristan will experience an orgasm like never before.

#21 Sunshine orgy
Full length: 20 minutes (2014-10-20)

Models: Theo Ford, Camille Kenzo, Romain, Anthony Cruz

After spending several days together to have fun, get acquainted and especially to fuck, the boys are sad that the adventure is over. We suggest to them to do a final scene and we let them free to do what they want.

Therefore, we find Romain, Theo, Camille and Tristan on the terrace sucking and fucking each other, and it is in this atmosphere of orgy in cum is squirting every, that ends the first part of the saga Apprentis Pornstars.
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