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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-12-22 |
I've been camming guys using fake girl videos for a long time and it's challenging
to see how well you can convince someone otherwise. This time I tried something
a little different. I wanted to see how obvious and straight-forward I could be
and see how guys might react. Usually I spend over 15 minutes talking and making things
seem natural but for this video I turned on slut mode with a video of a girl already masterbating
accompanied by scrolling text telling them to jack off and cum.

A lot of guys will next through but the horniest guys go ahead and cum right on cam. This is one
single long video almost 3 and a half hours long. 25 different guys masterbate and cum on cam.
Some of them even become suspicious and try to find out if its a video playing instead of a real girl,
but they go ahead anyway! Features a fucking sexy buff guy with a nice thick cock (guy #6), he
is super hot and I now have more videos of him for the future ;) A lot of standard wankers. An 18 year old
cutie who is so horny he cums twice in about 15 minutes. A sexy spanish guy. A guy who asks for the "girl"
to wave but continues anyway and blows a massive sloppy load.

Video resolution is low because of the small webcam res offered on roulette websites. About 604x480.
Video is in .MP4 format.

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