Brutal, Part 2 (Raging Stallion Studios) avi

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DescriptionBrutal, Part 2 from Raging Stallion Studios in avi

Angelo Marconi slinks back to the gym with his tail between his legs and apologies to owner and trainer Ricky Sinz. The two have been though some bouts but now are ready to get down to business. ¬ďAre you ready to take this fucker down¬Ē ask Sinz; ¬ďI¬ím ready¬Ē Marconi replies.

Race Cooper is training two up and coming fighters, Trent Diesel and Hugo Milano. Race coaches them through a few moves and they kick, punch and grapple on the mat. Race stares at them as their hard sweaty bodies press against each other. Race’s mind begins to wonder… he envisions Trent’s ass grinding on Hugo’s crotch. In his fantasy, Trent kisses Hugo deeply plunging his tongue into the Latin studs mouth. He kisses down his body pulls down his shorts and envelopes his thick hard cock between his wet lips. Trent sucks up and down Hugo’s thick shaft tasting his salty sweaty musty man cock. Hugo moans in pleasure as his buddy sucks him hard and deep. Hugo grabs Trent hair and fucks him in the mouth. After getting Hugo’s cock all wet Trent gets’ up and shoves his cock into Hugo’s mouth. Hugo sucks and tongues his cock till its drenched in spit. Trent can’t wait to get at Hugo’s hot hairy ass, so he bends over in a 69, and eats out his hot Latin buddy’s hole. Hugo follows suit and soon they are rimming each other ass. Hugo wants more than just a rim job he pushes Trent down on all fours and shoves his cock up Trent’s wet hole. Hugo pounds Trent’s ass from behind. Trent loves the feel of this fat Latin cock moving in and out of his quivering hole. But now Trent wants his turn, he flips Hugo over in one quick move and, like that, he’s on top! Trent takes his hard cock and slides it up Hugo’s wide open hole, pounding him deep and hard. It’s a struggle for dominance— Hugo flips Trent back onto his once again taking control pounding deeper until Trent can’t take it longer… he shoots a big load that flies though the air hitting him in the mouth. Hugo pulls out and jerks his cock until he erupts all over Trent’s cum stained torso. Hugo comes down hard on top of Trent and it’s reality again as Hugo pins Trent to the mat. Race is a good trainer, but his imagination is even better a workout.

Across town over at the rival City Gym Gavin Sovet is all worked up even before he starts his workout. Gavin drops his bags then reaches into his jockstrap and begins to give his cock a workout. He massages his cock though his sweat stained jock. He works his cock through the cloth then he drops his pants revealing his huge engorged cock. Gavin pulls on his large member elongating it even more. He works up his dick getting it all hard, he drops his draws and picks up some lotion and massages it into his cock. Gavin sits back and picks up the pace of his stroking. He leans back pumping his cock hard until he shoot a huge load of his manjuice all over his lean torso.

After a hard work out Race Cooper comes into the looker room and begins to roughhouse Angelo Marconi, this sets Angelo off, he snaps and yells at Race, obviously hitting a nerve. In his mind, Angelo is transported back to a painful memory from back in his college days when he was raped in the shower. On that day it was his teammates Phenix Saint and Brandon Bangs that came into shower all pissed off and jealous of Angelo, the team¬ís star player. ¬ĎSome people think there shit don¬ít stink.¬í Phenix has had enough and pushes the Angelo up against the wall, he yells at Brandon to hold him down. Phenix tells Angelo he going to get what he deserves. That¬ís when he shoves his hard cock into Angelo¬ís ass. Angelo cries out in pain as his teammates ravage his hole. Phenix fucks Angelo hard and fast fucking as if trying to fuck some sense into his teammate. Phenix pounds his hole then switches off so his buddy can take his turn. Brandon jumps in and pounds Angelo¬ís smooth ass. ¬ĎLook he likes it, he¬ís hard!¬í Phenix yells to his buddy. Phenix grabs Angelo¬ís cock and strokes it. While Brandon pounds Angelo¬ís ass Phenix pumps his teammate Angelo¬ís cock until he spews cum all over himself. After Angelo cums Phenix has no mercy, he switches places with his buddy and rams his hard cock back into Angelo¬ís tightened hole¬ó Angelo¬ís screams echo in the tiled room. Phenix fucks with aggressive furor taking out his frustration on Angelo¬ís hole. Phenix explodes an angst-ridded load all over Angelo¬ís back. He then pushes Angelo to his knees as his buddy Brandon shoots all over Angelo's face. Brandon has one last lesson to teach his teammate and that is his fist across his jaw. Brandon clocks Angelo square in the mouth sending him smack down on the cold wet tile. Angelo spits blood as his teammates step over him.

Both Angelo and Rusty are getting ready for the up coming battle. Their coaches Ricky Sinz and Brenn Wyson pushing their hopefuls to the limit. Hard strikes, power kicking, gruling matt work, these guys are work out and worked up. New gym recruit Draven Torres is also getting the lessons he’s came for improving day by day, faster, stronger. When his abusive lover Alexsander Freitas tries to force sex, Draven strikes back, Fuck you! Draven has gained control of his life and the courage to leave this abusive home.

Rusty Stevens is poised to win this year’s MMA title against Angelo Marconi, Rusty trains hard but he also has a dark side. Rusty likes rough sex and he looks in many unsavory places to find it. Rusty drives the streets with his pent up lust. He pulls into a local rest stop and popular cruising ground. He enters the empty bathroom knowing that in a short amount of time he will find his prey. He pulls out his cock and waits. Rough-trade truck driver Tommy Defendi enters with one desperate need that is to draining his piss-engorged cock. Tommy pulls out his thick member and unleashes a hot hard stream of piss. Rusty can’t help but notice. The men lock eyes and Rusty knows he can proceed. He reaches over and shakes out the last drop of piss from Tommy’s cock before sinking to his knees and taking his growing cock into his mouth. Tommy grabs the back of Rusty’s head forcing his cock down Rusty’s throat. Rusty lures Tommy back to the dark dungeon bedroom. Tommy squirms in pleasure as Rusty works his hole until it’s sufficiently wet and open. Rusty flips Tommy over so he can feed on his fat cock. Rusty chows down on his thick saliva coated tubesteak. He works Tommy up then he goes up and feed him his throbbing cock. Tommy sucks Rusty cock greedily. Rusty then pulls Tommy’s ass up in the air and switches between sucking his cock, his ass and fingering his hole. He gets Tommy hole open and ready then he stand up and burries his cock deep into Tommy’s hole. He rides him trusting his cock down deep into Tommy. He then turns Tommy over and fucks him from behind while Tommy holds onto hanging restraints. Rusty pounds him hard for a while before they switch poison and Tommy takes his turn and fuck Rusty on his back. Tommy’s thick cock plows in and out of Rusty tight hole. Tommy picks up the pace of his pounding sending Rusty over the edge. Rusty jerks his cock hard and the pounding increases. Rusty’s cock erupts sending clumps of hot white seamen splashing down all over Rusty hairy stomach. Tommy pulls out his cock and spews his load all over Rusty’s cum filled body. The itch may have been starched if only for a moment.

The bell ring and Rusty Steven and Angelo Marconi come out swinging hard. Angelo hard fist comes in contact with Rusty face, Rusty counter reacts and swing back hard. Angelo tackles Rusty sending him to the ground. He mounts Rusty chest as he pummels his face Rusty throws him off and the battle has begun. The two men go head to head full steam, out to annihilate his opponent. Ricky and Brenn yell commands from the sidelines coaching their leader on. Rusty gets in an Angelo in headlock submitting him to defeat. Angelo taps out. Hopes of winning are deflated. The dream is over as quickly as it came. Ricky screams as his one hope at defeating his rival has failed. After the match Brenn gloats over his victory. Ricky calls him out ¬ďyeah he had a lucky shot, just like you did¬Ē referring to Brenn defeat over Ricky for the championship years back. ¬ďA lucky shot, I won that fair and square¬Ē Ricky and Brenn decide to settle it once and for all.

Ricky and Brenn meet at Ricky’s gym and square off in the ultimate battle. These two giant’s go head to head, both stronger than they once were… they beat each other with no mercy. The gloves come off and its fucking Brenn in the ass giving him the ultimate defect submitting his opponent with his cock. At first Brenn seems to suffer total defeat loosing to his rival and getting it in the ass, but then Brenn gets the upper hand and fucks Ricky. Were these two more than just opponents? Ricky picks Brenn up and fucks him against the ropes getting out every last ounce of redemptions from his body. Enter Drew Ricky lover and assistant coach. Drew sees more than he wants to and splits the scene —for good. Ricky pounds Brenn’s hole until he cums all over himself. Ricky jerks his cock sending his hot white cum all over Brenn’s chest. The feud may have been settled once and for all but not before lots of sweat and cum.
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