Active Duty - Firewatch 3

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DescriptionSolitary, straight Zander, a gorgeous newcomer, is introduced on the sofa. Apparently this is Zander third foray into film, although, I am not sure the previous two have yet been released. Zander exudes excitement and nervous energy as he explains that he wishes to broaden his experience with gentleman. Enter Shawn and the smouldering, tall, dark and handsome Cash, undressed for action. Cash has long been a favourite of Mr Johnson and it is delightful to see this delectable fellow meatier than in previous episodes. This glorious specimen almost had Mr Johnson popping on the spot.

There is nothing more arousing than straight gentlemen enjoying a moment of passionate romance, and Shawn wastes no time locking lips with nubile newbie Zander. The three men toys with each other, things spiral into a daisy chain, changing direction so everyone an get a taste of all the action.

Compact Shawn has the word 'Fearless' emblazoned across his back, and fearless he indeed is when he invites the inexperienced Zander to snack at his portal (POP!). Zander undertakes the task with aplomb, quickly discovering he has a taste for this hidden delight. Next it is time for Zander to feed to Shawn, which he does expertly for a first timer and so thoroughly he has compact Shawn chomping down on Cash's pacifier to dampened the howls.

Next Cash is fed Shawn's decent measure (POP!) before Cash rolls onto Shawn and rides himself to victory. Shawn then Zander finish with a flurry (POP!) and the fabulous and delicious scene ends.

Dink has a wonderful ability to allow gentlemen in his presence to lose their inhibitions and enjoy the company of others. It is delightful to see them so engrossed and engaged with each over. Hopefully Cash will relax even more, whilst we were hearted to see his passionate caresses a kiss would really set our hearts aflutter.

Next Jack, who is blessed with a cheeky disposition and an above average bestowal, introduces a rather splendid specimen by the name of Ransom. Ransom we are lead to believe found by jack one night drunk on his porch and this has lead to some close encounters of the gentlemanly kind. Whether or not it is true is irrelevant, we are treated to some very energetic mutual snacking before both fellows finish for themselves.

The final scene has twink treat Mr Nick Gunner, whose presence we do not believe we have been graced with before, and the most adorably foxy Mr Fox, with whom we have had a very spot spot since we first saw him in Deep in the Fox Hole.

In fact so adorable is this scene that we have yet to view it to completion. After the prerequisite interview and a little lolly licking Mr Gunner proffers his perfectly appointed private quarters to Mr Fox (POP!) Mr Fox wastes no time moving in and lapping it up (POP!). Needless to say Mr Johnson needs to see this scene through to the end so back to the matter at hand.

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