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First time seeding on this site so please notify me of anything that may be incorrect. I take no credit for the artwork created nor the scans and the translations. For those of you who leeched from my previous collection: This collection is slightly bigger with more work and translated pictures. This is what the file include:

100 Kan Debu no Hyakutarou
Blue Fragrance (aka Smell of Indigo)
Desired Town Three Chome Huzino Hot Water
Father's Lover
Father's Lover 2
Five Guys In One Room (Hard Mix)
Five Guys in One Room (aka Room for Five)
Himitu (aka The Secret)
Night Shout (aka Katsu!)
Random Images
Undercover Lover
Jiro the Stray Dog
A Promise
Urageki (1st, 2nd)
Harbour Festival Passion
My Teacher
The Best Trio (aka Mad Dog)
Toro the Crybaby
Shrine Festival Sumo (aka Sumo Wrestling Ceremony of Yatsukichi Temple)
The Shaking Fishing Flag (aka Feast of Fishery)
Umihiko and Yamahiko
Shrine Festival Show (aka Festival of the Tatsukobe Temple)

Some have been translated into English and others have not.
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