Truck You - 2011 Dragon Media

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For a Ray Dragon piece, all you need is a greasy set, guys who want to feel blue-collar, big dicks and deep holes. That's all the formula there is to "Truck You" and every scene clicks from it!
The fun starts up against a forklift, where hunky blond Phillip Aubrey and reedy hot stuff Jake Steel are making out. Jake pushes Phillip against the forklift so he can have easier access to Phillip's cock. Jake is his usual super-sucking self, gulping at Phillip with such ease while Phillip half bends over to grab Jake's giant dick. Phillip has a blast blowing Jake, using his hand to help out since Jake is so enormously hung. Phillip has the pleasure of rimming Jake's tight little butt and he does it with relish. He then sucks Jake a bit more until Jake is ready for a second round of blowing. He's always ready with that plunging mouth. Phillip gets the ass-munch treatment, with Jake having fun in his perfectly smooth hole. With Phillip halfway on the forklift, Jake starts to fuck him. Jake is initially careful, but come on, this is Phillip Aubrey! He can take anything, and he's soon anally swallowing every inch of Jake, and at impressive speed. Jake is such a potent top, wielding that massive piece with such authority. It's born for a welcoming hole like Phillip's, of course. The position allows Jake to really get in deep. They switch so that Phillip can fuck Jake with punishing speed as well. He hits Jake pretty hard and Jake remains erect as hell. These two are excellent in both positions, totally comfortable as tops and bottoms. Watch when Jake goes sideways on the wheel of the forklift so Phillip can fuck him. Now that's agility! Jake sprinkles on his leg and then Phillip pulls out and creams all over Jake's abs.
In the same warehouse room, burly bearded Josh West wants to sell returning Jake a motorcycle, but Jake doesn't have that much money, so they "work out a deal." After a little kissing, Josh goes right for Jake's butt, jamming his hairy face into the bubbly cheeks. Jake then sucks Josh, never an easy task given how outrageously hung and thick Josh's cock is. Jake is a work and gives it his all. He ends up mastering it, very impressively. Josh returns to eating Jake's bum, now working with fingers too. He stays on his knees to suck Jake happily. But, let's be honest, Josh has wanted to get inside Jake's ass since the scene began, so he bends him over the couch and pushes inside. Josh is such an elegant rascally top, managing to be pretty and dirty at the same time. He makes sure all of him fits into Jake, who remains rock solid himself. Josh goes at Jake with an unceasing rhythm and even when Jake rides him, it's Josh who dominates.
Cue Brian Slater, wearing tight little short-shorts and some scruff, who barges in on the run. Jake is still bouncing, but he can suck a cock while he does that. Jake then seats himself on Brian's dick to ride, with Josh helpfully spreading his cheeks wide and keeping himself hard and in a condom for when Jake wants to return. Jake grabs hold of the scene going back and forth and then takes a long fuck just from Brian for a while before seating himself on Josh again. Everyone cums on Jake.
Still in the warehouse space, we find Josh and gigantic beefcake Spencer Reed jacking off standing over Ben Stone, who is underneath a car doing some repairs. Josh and Spencer have mighty oaks of dicks and certainly whatever he's doing under the car is far less important that the studs waiting for him above it. Finally, the lightly bearded Ben emerges, all keen to suck dick. He has a mouth that doesn't quit, able to deep throat the guys, a major achievement. He's rugged like they are and these scene has such a wonderful spirit of testosterone to it. Ben is fine to keep working on the guys, back and forth, although eventually they do both try to shove their dicks down his throat together. Ben is placed on the bed of the truck so that Josh and Spencer can eat his ass. It's a big one, so there is actually room for both of them to work together. There is little in porn hotter than the double rimming. But, individually, the guys do excellent work, opening up the hole with their tongues. A lot of tongues and fingers later, Josh is ready to fuck Ben, also occupied with sucking Spencer. Josh gets himself inside Ben and then starts kissing Spencer and almost forgets to fuck. Oh, not to worry, he quickly remembers and widens Ben's hole considerably with his plunging cock. Then it's Spencer's turn and he gives Ben a series of tough jabs, his own ass clenching to make them happen. Josh has opened the way, making Spencer's trip in and out a lot easier. Spencer flips Ben over to do him on all fours and then gives Josh a chance to fuck him in that position. Here they alternate again, such good sharers. Ben returns to his back to get fucked one last time by Spencer so he can cum and then have the tops shoot all over him.
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