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Starring Josh Vaughan, Brent Everett, Carter Longway, Christian Owen, Benjamin Bradley, Jan Fischer, Chad Savage, Kevin Brown and Beaux Banner.

Directed by Chi Chi La Rue.

Innocence wants to seep through "Starting Young 2" (2006), Chi Chi LaRue's delightful homage to youth. Hell, the plot even takes place in a candy store! All we need are a pair of guys off to the library with dreams of calculus in their heads. Of course, the innocence of the characters here only extends to their wide smiles and fresh-scrubbed looks. Minus their clothes, innocence is definitely not a trait anyone here possesses, and thank goodness!

Carter Longway works in this confectionary shop, wearing a goofy hat and a red and white striped shirt (and an apron, natch). His pal Josh Vaughn tries to get him to go out partying, but he can't. He has to clean. Plus, one of the attendees is Benjamin Bradley, and he's "too horny" for Carter. Cue the man I'm still waiting to take me away from all of this, the divine Benjamin, looking better and fitter than ever. His super tight body is ready for some loving, but since no one is around, he has to start himself. Rubbing around, he knows which spots are the hottest (they all are) and as he's getting himself hard, puffy-lipped Brent Everett, a looker who deserves this scene, spies the hunk. Benjamin is at full imposing hardness, fucking his hand and really needing Brent, also hard in his undies, to emerge from the shadows. Brent is finally invited in and bashfully makes his way to Benjamin. Once they touch, all shyness goes away. Brent becomes an absolute animal. The two make out like they just got out of prison and eventually Brent gets a-suckin' on Benjamin's pole. Brent is a diligent sucker, always aiming for a deep-throat with tumultuous energy. Benjamin coos in delight, and he has every right to be enjoying the fastidious over-the-top blowjob Brent supplies. Benjamin gives it back to Brent in kind, gyrating his hips as he sucks and upping the energy quotient by taking a strict face-fuck with absolute grace. Brent enjoys Benjamin's mouth on his dick for a great long time (and in his pits and in his mouth), but Benjamin's ass can't be ignored for long. So, he straddles Brent's chest and lets the latter start jamming his fingers and tongue deep inside where life is delicious. Benjamin does the same to Brent in a gorgeous rimming 69. It's Benjamin's ass that gets plugged, with Brent going at him sideways for starters. Brent is in fine fettle as he rams at his partner full force, going deep and nasty. Benjamin sits on Brent, but the latter isn't willing to give up any control and fucks from below, slamming himself all the way inside Benjamin's ass. Shapely Benjamin is able to stay positioned away from Brent, ride him and still turn around to mack with him. Benjamin has a long-shooting dazzler with Brent still inside and then Brent coats Benjamin's face and torso in cum. This scene starts the movie off with a wallop of zest, pitting two unimpeachable performers together and not letting them disappoint.

See, that Benjamin is a slut, Carter opines! But, he also has a story, one about two Mormons with a broken car (if it sounds like the beginning of a joke, I'll let you supply the punch line). Clad in ties, buff sexpot Chad Savage and earnest adorable Jan Fischer (who is forever ageless), don't have the money to pay oil-drenched brunet mechanic Beau Banner, so naturally sex will have to do. Beau bends over a motorcycle and the boys get to eat his ass. His hairless hole is an ideal playground for two lusty youths who fit their tongues in with fervor up to their noses. Chad and Jan start to undress, making out as they grab at each other's cocks as a tease for Beau across the room. Jan sucks Chad's thick one first. Ever the pro, he opens generously wide to take in whole gobs of it. The showpiece just for Beau continues when bubble-butted Chad sucks off Jan, who starts fingering Chad's superfine ass. Beau rejoins the guys so Chad can fuck him. I was hypnotized by Chad's rollicking abs as they led the charge into Beau's ass, proving a strong fuck as Beau applied his mouth to Jan. He's not the strongest sucker, but his ass is doing just fine with Chad's lusty hip-wiggling fuck. It's then Jan's turn to hammer Beau and he follows Chad's lead of the hip-grinding style. It keeps Beau's ass appropriately filled, and Beau tries his best with Chad's cock in his mouth. The camerawork from underneath shows Jan squeezing hard to get inside Beau. The mechanic sits out the round that finds Chad working his big stiffy into Jan. These two have the scene's heat, so their work alone keeps everything boiling. Beau has a sizey splash all over his arm, followed by a big-arced blast from Jan on his own chest and muscular Chad gets the last shot.

The stories being swapped get more personal with one from platinum cutie Josh's own past, where he had a romp with his equally blond boss Christian Owen. Thankfully, the script points out how Christian became a boss at such a young age, and it wasn't by making the fastest copies. It's by making the fastest men and he knows Josh is one of those immediately. So, they kiss on the desk with a rather romantic air about them. This is the second scene involving clunky dress clothes, but Josh doesn't care if they get out of them before he darts for Christian's cock. He takes it in his mouth with a gentle precision and sucks all the way to the balls and the camera comes in very close to get this wet zesty fuck captured perfectly. Josh is soon shirked of his clothing (except the ties -- they have to keep the ties on), and faux-hawked Christian gives Josh's thick veiny cock a lip-smacking suck. These two are very well-paired talent-wise, so they seem intent on outdoing each other, a very lucky proposition for the viewer. Christian goes flat back on the desk so Josh can eat his ass with lots of oomph. The hole is deep, so Josh has lots of room to play and his tongue is up to the task. Josh's ass is a tasty treat too and Christian makes sure to make the most out of it when he gets to munch. This super convenient desk doesn't even have to lose its possessions for the boys to fuck, with Jason providing a dominating topping session for Christian, who gets pushed hard. Josh is a deep fucker, intent on getting his entire dick in with every thrust. The guys turn out to be versatile when Josh stands up to take Christian's fuck. Christian is less rambunctious, but depth is easy for him considering the welcome mat that is Josh's ass hole. Side by side, they sit on the desk and let go of their goo. Looks like Josh is "on the rise" too!

Carter is finally convinced to go clubbing with Josh, who gives him an hour to clean up and get there. As soon as he leaves, Kevin Brown comes in, brandishing something in his jack pocket and trying to rob the place. But, all the money is in the drop box! "What else do you have," Kevin asks. "Candy?" Carter offers. Yeah, that's fine to suck on and all. It turns out Kevin has been casing the joint and he's okay with just having Carter as his dessert. He pulls the boy to him and the sideburned hottie soon has a partner for control of this scene, which finds them both zooming off with immediate lust. Reedy Carter gets his torso licked, and then Kevin gets similar treatment at his pits and arm tats. Buffer Kevin gets to blow so easy-on-the-eyes Carter, who keeps a hand firmly on Kevin's had to guide him around his curved cock. Kevin is very playful in his blowing, and big-lipped Carter enjoys the frisky spirit. He eventually makes his way just south of the big sun tattoo covering Kevin's navel and goes to work on Kevin's ramrod straight cock. He really opens wide and swings his head around to give satisfaction to everything form the head to the balls. Working around all that candy has sure given Carter one healthy appetite! Two barstools are a comfy place for Kevin to recline and here Carter can lick at both his cock and his ass, a hairy untanned rump that gets great treatment. Kevin's much-larger-than-a-candy-cane cock fits ideally into perky Carter's ass. The would-be robber tries to steal the scene, but his bottom is a workaholic and doesn't let him get away with it. They fit together very nicely and their second position, Carter on his back, finds Kevin in his best form, pulling out all the stops speed-wise and slamming at Carter, who grabs his cock and pumps with equal fury. Carter cums with Kevin still going and Kevin drops his load on Carter's pelvis. There's a cute little twist to the end of the scene.

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