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Porn Legend Adam Champ makes his return to the porn spotlight this week, and he does it in style - dressed in full suit and tie. Adam is the hot, masculine professor who we've all lusted over, just like Bruno Bernal lusts over him every day in class dreaming of crawling under his desk and sucking him off till he swallows his load. And finally today he gets to live out his fantasy and get used and abused by his hunky professor. Watch Adam in full Muscle Daddy mode, as he slaps, gags, and pounds the young Bruno to within an inch of his life but the sexy bottom takes it like a pro - begging him 'Fuck Me Mr. Champ' as he gets slammed over the desk. The subservient pupil finally gets on his knees to take his teacher's hot load all over his face and licking the last drops of tasty cum from his dick.
10/03/2014 4.8


Dato Foland and Adam Champ get the full VIP treatment this week on Menatplay, as they are met by a stretch Limo to take them to their next appointment. But with the luxurious leather interior, the guys can’t help but get in the mood for a little fun. The men begin by tentatively stroking each other’s bulges, quickly getting rock hard with the thrill of the moment. And with the driver partition safely rolled up the men let loose and get sucking on each other's hard cocks. Adam feasts on Dato’s perfect, uncut meat, taking it deep in his throat and enjoying every single inch. But Adam wants more, much more, to the point of stopping the Limo to take Dato outside and give him a sweaty ass-pounding against the side of the car.
11/07/2014 4.8


Adam Champ has got himself a brand new toy to play with - the young and very hung Allen King. And Adam's rules are pretty simple, Allen has to do whatever he says, whenever he says, after all when you’re filthy rich you can do anything you like including treat your houseboy like a total slut. Adam starts his day by ordering Allen to shine his shoes but as soon as he’s on his knees Adam’s head gets full of dirty thoughts and gets rock hard in his suit trousers, so he whips out his throbbing dick and Allen knows exactly what he has to and proceeds to service his master’s meat. Being in this position of complete power gets Adam totally horned up and he won’t be satisfied until he gets to pound the hot boy’s sweet ass, long and hard. If you like your Daddies strong and hairy, and your Sons smooth and submissive you definitely don’t miss this red hot scene.
12/12/2014 4.7


It's a muscle packed release this week; with two prime specimens giving us one of the hottest sex scenes in a long time on MENatPLAY. In fact, Adam Champ and Flex specifically asked to work with each other and the chemistry between the men is clearly evident. Just in the way they look at each other, as they kiss, you can feel the electricity running between them. And the sex is no less explosive.
It's obvious that Adam has been lusting over Flex’s now-famous ass for a long time, and finally he's able to get his hands on it. He gives Flex a deep, long and hard fucking. Adam and Flex enjoy each other’s perfect bodies to the fullest, kissing and sucking every single inch. And, just so they can remember this hot encounter for a long time, they take photos of themselves as they fuck each other, turning up the erotic gauge even higher.

01/09/2015 4.9
Featuring: ADAM CHAMP, FLEX 


The Monday morning alarm goes, you wake up in a groggy blur from a weekend of debauchery and yet again, there’s a complete stranger hogging most of your duvet. We’ve all done it! Don’t deny it; you just want ‘what’s-his-name’ to get the hell out of your home right now! But we do it over and over again, chasing that rare occasion when you could strike gold. I mean, imagine you roll over and you’re laying next to the perfect, sculpted tight young beautiful body of Darius Ferdynand, his peachy, firm, cock-teasing bubble butt just laying there, waiting. Or maybe you’d prefer your stranger to be the huge furry boulder of a man that is Adam Champ! Not so keen to get rid of your bed buddy now eh?! Now imagine the young boy is horny as fuck in the morning, and that the mature daddy gets up, showers and puts on his power suit. Well until that dream hook-up happens ( I’m sure it will ) watch it happen before your eyes in “The Morning After”.
04/17/2015 4.8


Porn superstar Adam Champ makes a long-awaited return to Menatplay, but he’s not here on friendly terms - he’s collecting payment, with added interest and when Denis still can’t pay up Adam decides its time to remind him of the terms of their business agreement: Failure to pay means Denis’ sweet ass is all his. Adam coolly unzips his trousers and Denis gets to work, sucking on his juicy, uncut dick. And after dominating Denis’ hole and banging it hard and rough, Adam pushes Denis to the floor and shoots his load all over his hairy pecs. And just in case the message isn't clear enough, Adam Denis to lick the cum off his shoe before getting back to business.
12/04/2015 4.7


Marco Rubi is a pure hungry bottom who has worked his ass into such a sculpted, statuesque bubble-butt, that any power top in his vicinity isn't going to be able to resist pouncing on him and smashing that honey pot hard! But Marco doesn’t always want to make it that easy and upsets the power dynamic, when he ties-up and tapes-up executive hairy muscle-daddy Adam Champ, against a warehouse ladder. So now Marco gets to tease this usually dominating powerful stud, whose restraints mean he can only salivate at the potential of getting his cock inside Marcos juicy hole. Marco takes his time with the perfect suited package before him, ripping away the shirt and suit from Adam's body to get his tongue around those thick nipples and swelling cock. Only when Adam’s fine suit is in tatters, hanging from his brawny torso, and Marco is ready to relinquish control and be pummelled by Adam, does he let Adam loose to do his worst. This power game between two of our stockiest muscle studs, make this a real must-see for fans of MENatPLAY’s horny suited fetish games!
01/08/2016 4.7
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