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"Tyler Riggz: Shot for Shot is a "Best of Rascal Video" title starring hunky Tyler Riggz in a brand-new scene that features the debut of T.J. Young. Tyler is working in the Channel 1 Releasing mail room and he's got hot newcomer T.J. Young doing inventory for him. Tyler Riggz opens up a box filled with copies of On Target and Tyler recalls that's the movie where hot smooth muscle boy Braeden Casey gets the shit fucked out of him by muscle daddy Casey Williams. In the movie Casey has Braeden on a bed face down and wastes no time tearing the ass out of his jeans and working the hot bottom up into a frenzy until he is begging for cock. Braeden is rock hard and his cock is just oozing precum. Casey fucks the cum right out of him and then shoots a load on Braeden's smooth body.
T.J. comes back to let Tyler know he's going to take a break and he catches Tyler checking out the box for Heat of the Moment where he comments on the hot threeway. In the movie dark haired muscle god Matt Hunter is trying on a tuxedo, but gets turned on and drops his pants to reveal that he's wearing a jockstrap. While Matt is checking himself out in a mirror Nick Young and Michael Brandon are on a balcony sucking each other off and enjoying the show Matt is putting on. After flashing the guys on the balcony his smooth asshole Michael and Nick head down to work his body over from head to toe. Nick gives up his ass for Matt to pound. After getting loosened up, Nick goes for a ride on Michael's monster cock. The three studs finish off by shooting their big loads all over a mirror.
Tyler is getting hotter and hotter as he checks out more of Chi Chi's videos. T.J. brings him a glass of water to help cool him off. Tyler is checking out a copy of Finish Me Off starring Brad Benton and Marco Paris. Instead of getting back to work, T.J. peeps around a corner to check out Tyler. Tyler's busy thinking about the video where Marco catches Brad beating off to the LiveandRaw.com web site. They strip each other down and take turns sucking on each other's cock. Marco rims Brad's bubble butt, eliciting moans of ecstasy. Brad rides Marco's hard cock. Brad rides him hard until he explodes all over Marco's chest.
Tyler finds the box for Deceived and remembers what a hot threesome Jeremy Jordan, Brandon Lee and Claudio Martin made. T.J. continues to spy on Tyler who is now stroking his cock thinking about the video. In the movie, Jeremy is sucking off Brandon while they watch a porno. The guys are going to down 69ing on the bed when Claudio Martin arrives to deliver a pizza. He catches Brandon and Jeremy in the act and quickly undresses to join in the fun. Jeremy gets plugged from both ends, with Brandon in his ass and Claudio in his mouth. The guys trade off and Jeremy rides Claudio's thick cock while Brandon sucks him off and then fucks his face. Both of the guys shoot their loads on Jeremy and then make out with him until he blows his own load.
Back in the Channel 1 Releasing warehouse, Tyler has stripped out of his overalls. When T.J. comes looking for him, Tyler waves his dick at him and tells him he has some work to do. T.J. drops to his knees and worships Tyler's big thick cock. Tyler returns the favor, sucking on T.J.'s thick piece of meat and then rims the young stud's bubble butt. Tyler holds onto T.J.'s hand as he drives his cock all the way up his tight ass and T.J. lets out a moan when he finally takes it all. Tyler begins pumping away, harder and harder as T.J.'s ass gets used to his cock. Soon they both blow their loads on T.J.'s smooth stomach and agree that they've done enough work for the day."

Cast:  Tyler Riggz, Brad Benton, Braeden Casey, Brandon Lee, Casey Williams, Claudio Martin, Jeremy Jordan, Marco Paris, Matt Hunter, Michael Brandon, Nick Young, T.J. Young

Director:  Chi Chi LaRue, Domini

Videographer:  Hue Wilde

Country:  US

Length: 2 hr

Year: 2006

Studio :  Channel 1 Releasing, Rascal Video
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