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MBZ - Elder Harward - Setting Apart (540p)

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DescriptionElder Harward’s mission is over, and the bishop has arranged for a very sexy send off.

One thing that helps the missionaries wake early every day and work their hardest is the knowledge that they have only two years in the field. Every missionary will one day have to take off his name tag and return home. From their first day, missionaries are instructed to think about that day and to do all they can to return with honor.

Of all the things Elder Harward will miss — including his investigators and his friendships with local Mormons — the thing he may miss the most is his intimacy with the other missionaries. The elders trust and support one another, and there is nothing in the world like the love that young missionaries feel for one another. Elder Harward will always remember the intimate moments he has shared with his companions, and he knows that they will stay in touch and maybe have a lifetime of intimate moments ahead of them, but there’s something special about the love they share while they’re missionaries.

The bishop knows how hard it can be for the missionaries to say goodbye to the companions they love, so he asks Elder Hardt and Elder Gonzalez to be present when he and the patriarch set Elder Harward apart and send him home. Thinking of all they’ve been through together, the three elders can’t help but feel sad to see Elder Harward go.

But the bishop has something wonderful planned for Elder Harward, a farewell he’ll remember for the rest of his life. He tells the missionary to stand at the edge of the desk and take off his clothes, and Elder Harward obeys. His shirt and tie come off, then his pants. Read more . . .
The priesthood leaders and the two other elders can’t take their eyes off of him. Even through his garments you can see the change in his body: over the last two years, he has gone from being a skinny boy to a beautiful young man with body hair, muscles, a round butt and a big dick. The other elders have witnessed this transformation, and they hope the bishop is planning to give them one more taste of that body before he goes home and is released from his calling.

Elder Harward steps out of his garments and runs his hands over his tight chest, showing it off to the bishop and the other missionaries. The patriarch stands up and gropes him, turning him to face the other elders. He runs a hand over his ass, then takes his dick in his hand, which is already beginning to stiffen with the pleasure of being touched and being watched. The bishop starts to touch himself under the desk, and the other elders grab their dicks too. The patriarch cups his balls, then slaps his dick against his belly a few times. He’s totally hard, now, and the tip of his penis glistens with pre-cum, which the patriarch rubs all over the head with his thumb.

The patriarch tells Elder Harward to lie down on the desk. The patriarch toys with his nipples while the bishop plays with his dick and pulls off his black socks. He loves to be the center of attention. The bishop invites the other missionaries to join them around the desk. Elder Hardt’s pants are off a second later, his giant dick already hard. He drops to his knees and licks his ass and balls while he jerks off. The patriarch has pulled his own dick out and Elder Harward is sucking him off. Elder Gonzalez whips his dick out too, and Elder Harward takes turns sucking the two dicks. Then Elder Gonzalez heads to the end of the desk and sticks his enormous dick in Elder Harward’s ass. It’s almost more than he can take — he grimaces and moans as the dick works its way in deeper and deeper, until it’s totally buried in his ass. The other men grope his chest while Elder Gonzalez fucks him. Then Elder Hardt jumps up on the desk, kneeling over his face and sticking his dick in his mouth. Elder Gonzalez plugs away, giving Elder Harward’s ass a fucking it won’t soon forget. Feeling himself close to cumming, he slows down and pulls out — he’s not ready to be done yet.

Elder Hardt jumps down and takes over the fucking. He slides his dick into Elder Harward’s warm hole. Elder Harward has always had a special love for Elder Hardt, who reminded him of all the jocks in high school he’d been too shy to approach. Now that Elder Hardt is giving it to him, it’s like a dream come true, like all of those other boys are inside of him at once. He totally submits, moaning with pleasure, his mouth stuffed with Elder Gonzalez’s dick.

The patriarch’s owns thick shaft and giant balls are sticking out of his gray slacks. He takes over for Elder Hardt, putting his dick in the younger man’s hole. Elder Harward wants to cum, but he does’t want the fucking to stop. His moaning is muffled when Elder Hardt sticks his dick in his mouth, while the patriarch works him over. Elder Hardt and Elder Gonzalez throw an arm around each other, hands on each others’ butts, their hard dicks crossed on Elder Harward’s face.

Elder Hardt looks down at Elder Harward and feels the orgasm coming. His body tenses and he shoots a giant load all over Elder Harward’s chin. The patriarch pulls out and lets Elder Gonzalez fuck him again. But the bishop wants a turn too, so he pulls out his dick and shoves it in the elder’s hole. He has been waiting patiently, and now fucks the elder hard and fast and drops a load in his hole. Sweaty and covered in cum, inside and out, Elder Harward feels like he’s melting into the desk.

But he’s not done yet. Elder Gonzalez takes his place again at the end of the table. He puts his big dick in Elder Harward — it’s miracle that a dick that big can fit inside of him. He has completely given himself over to the fucking. He looks around at the other elders and the priesthood leaders while he tugs at his dick. His body contracts and a load of sperm shoots from his dick. The patriarch pats his back and the bishop leans in for a kiss.

When he was a little kid preparing for his mission, he never could have imagined it would end like this.

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