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♺ Street Corner Studios - Barebacking in Rio

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-02-11 |

BAREBACKING IN RIO begins as Thiago is just hanging out in his house, waiting for the action to come to him, and does it ever! Robert shows up and the two don't waste a minute.

Matheus and Sandro meet on the street and do some catching up before Sandro invites Matheus back to see his new apartment. While approving the new pad, Matheus has other things on his mind.

Douglas, after having fallen on hard times, resorts to robbing houses. He breaks in to Dennys house, while Dennys is relaxing in his hot tub. "Hard" times of a different nature ensues.

Muscular hard body Poax is having problems taking the wheel off his van and injures his hand in the process. A complete stranger, Alex, passes by and tries to help out. Having no luck with the wheel, Poax doesn't realize his luck is about to change with this nice helpful stranger.

Bruno is late and Alan, while watching a movie on his bed, calls him up wondering what the delay is. Bruno says he'll be there soon, but Alan get tired of waiting and falls asleep. Finally Bruno arrives, with a bottle of wine in hand. But if he thinks just a bottle of wine will do the trick, he has another thing cumming!


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