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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-12-04 |
Son Swap: Men's highly perverted new series, Son Swap, begins with the hot coming together of the daddies: Colby Jansen & Dirk Caber. The action is hot and Colby bottoms again in some of the hottest flip flop action of the year. Later in the series, Colby & Dirk swap their sons - Luke Adams & Tyler Sweet! DMH - Drill My Hole

Men.com is touting their new “Son Swap” series as something highly controversial that really pushes the envelope by flirting with certain taboos. In actuality, it’s just an old guy fucking a young guy.
Your best bet is just to focus on how hot Dirk Caber and Luke Adams are together (and how perfect Luke’s bubble butt is), because that’s all that really matters.
Of course, it wouldn’t be Men.com without a fake cum pic.
Who knows, maybe in the finale of this series they’ll amp up the father and son sex? After all, this is the same studio that made a gay porn series about human sex trafficking, so why not go ahead and have a fictional dad fuck his fictional son? That’s less offensive than parodying sex slavery.

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