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♺ Undagear 8 [BG East Studios - Wrestling]

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-07-12 |
Brian may very well be the biggest opponent the BBW has ever faced. "A cocky little guy is one thing...", BBW says as he and Brian oil each other up, their hands grabbing the other's hairy pecs, their white BVD's glowing in the dark of the BG East mat room. It's one challenge after another as each heavyweight tries to best the other: arm-wrestling mano-a-mano; a test of strength. Who's got the meanest full nelson? Face-sitting, gut busting, sleepers, major battering against the wall with the BBW's hand down inside Brian's bvd's, both guys stripped nude... Has the Bodywrecker finally met his match?

Evenly matched in height, weight, age and experience, this is one rollicking rocker of a mat-match. Based on Dino's win-loss record, Liam thinks he's gonna have an easy time of it. A hot Irish-Italian conflagration of dickgrabbing, face-humping, butt-slapping, bear-hugging, gear-stripping, nude face-sitting and prolonged sleeper action ensues. Winner takes the loser�s undergear as his trophy. A great knock-out finish!

BUD ORTON vs. Colin Vaughn
Here’s a totally intense, evenly-matched no-holds-barred, aggressive mat war - proving once again that BG East offers more wrestling variety than any other company - as well as the BEST wrestlers on the scene today! Colin’s figure 4 head scissors leaves the bigger stud stunned and breathless. Bud will wring and twist Colin into a pretzel for this indignity! With their sweat-drenched singlets peeled off, we get undageared leg spreads, headlocks, a brutally arched camel clutch and butt-humping and totally painful submissions. These holds are not gently applied - no way! They are CRANKED on and cranked on HARD. Both studs shine in a hard-fought battle with Bud dripping in sweat and Colin’s hard-on leaking right through his sweat and sex-soaked undagear. This is ROUGH and this is sexy! And if you like watching pain that is palpable and punishing - whoa baby - this is for you!

Undagear bouts always feature a variety of usually-private under-wear and this one features the most revealing of all gear: the t-back or thong. Here is our muscleboy main event: barebutts, beautiful bodies, and Troy's spectacular quads in his eye-popping and punishing headscissors. In return, Chad grabs a handful of Troy’s balls and just squeezes and squeezes until the pretty boy slowly and very sensually collapses to the mat in abject agony. Troy gets schoolboy pinned, then Chad’s crotch-to-face jacknife pin provides a final humiliation. The Aussie stud loves showing off his physique and here's Troy as we've never seen him before - and what a revelation!

This appears to be VHS rip. Still, the quality is quite good considering.

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